Masconomo House dinner menu, Sunday, September 12, 1880


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Masconomo House dinner menu, Sunday, September 12, 1880
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"Corkage 75 cents." At bottom of front cover, "Engraved and copyrighted by A. W. Robinson, Boston Mass, 1880."
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Menus; Bill of fares; Menu design; Restaurant management -- Prices; Dinners and dining; Restaurants; Cooking; Food service; Eating; Social life and customs
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University of Nevada, Las Vegas University Libraries
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Menus The Art of Dining
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Elizabeth Davis2013-06-04 @ 09:51 AM
What a find to stumble upon this beautiful 1880 menu from the famous Masconomo House in Manchester-by-the-Sea Massachusetts. I am on the board at the Manchester-by-the-Sea Historical Museum, and coincidentally, the theme of our annual meeting and party tomorrow evening is "an evening at the Masconomo House", recreating a theatrical performance from that era with live music, etc. Could someone please let me know whether we could obtain a copy of this menu for our archive collection? Thank you in advance for your help, and what a wonderful treasure trove of historical menus you have put together! Thank you! Beth Davis, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts.
Library Staff2013-06-05 @ 10:51 AM
Thank you for your interest in our digital collections. We love to hear stories about how the menus might be used and we appreciate you sharing your story. Good luck with your event and I have forwarded this request to UNLV Special Collections to handle the reproduction. If we can help with anything additional, please call us at (702) 895-2243. Thanks!
abby davis2016-12-19 @ 05:41 PM
hello, my larents live in what is left of masconomo house after the fire many years ago. it belonged to my grandparents before that. they have a collection of some historical items, and this menu would be fun to have! thanks.
Library Staff 2017-01-25 @ 09:32 AM
Thank you for your interest in our digital collections. If you would like help getting copies of images, you may download from: or contact us via email: