Blue Onion Drive-In Restaurant, menu

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Blue Onion Drive-In Restaurant, menu
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Menu shaped like onion. Page 5 features cartoon titled "Blue Onion morning coffee"; date on page 5 is 7/15/57.
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2100 East Freemont St; 2023 East Charleston Blvd
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Menus; Bill of fares; Menu design; Restaurant management -- Prices; Dinners and dining; Restaurants; Cooking; Food service; Eating; Social life and customs
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University of Nevada, Las Vegas University Libraries
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Menus The Art of Dining
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katherine moore2012-09-10 @ 08:26 PM
i am doing a commemorative speech for college on the history of my grandfather who was a short order cook at the blue onion in las vegas in the 50's i would like a picture of the restraunt for my power point.. please reply soon it is due in a little over a week. his name was John William Moore Sr. he was also a member of the reserve police department before it merged into metro where he later became a Sgt. for metro. He had a nickname at the restaraunt after he became a cop, "The cop with the funny mustache at the blue onion" its a huge part of my speech.. i would love any pictures please!!
Steven Longmire2012-09-14 @ 08:13 PM
Katherine Moore, I am honored to meet you! I was just doing a test between Google and Bing and did a search for the Blue Onion, and I saw four days ago you put in this request. I hope I am not too late, but I remember your grandfather, very well! My father was Richard Longmire, the owner of the Blue Onion, I was born in 1957, but at an early age. I was always working in the kitchen peeling potatoes, my fondest memories was when I worked the soda fountain as a teenager, Fridays and Saturday nights. Triple parked with your grandfather, making sure nothing bad happened. I find this absolutely astounding, your request, and the timing factor, and the coincidence of me doing a search for the Blue Onion, something I have not done for many many years. I called this type of thing. "Bus Driver" activity, the bus driver meeting God/Jesus, and we are all just a long for the ride. I would like to meet you, and also introduce you to my mom who is still alive, of course we lost my father, unfortunately. My telephone number is 425-329-3408 or my Skype ID: anti-terror. Katherine, thank you so much for this request, I really look forward to talking about those times which are just like yesterday to me. All the best, ~Steve