American Hospital Ship, event, menu, December 17, 1899, Carlton Hotel


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American Hospital Ship, event, menu, December 17, 1899, Carlton Hotel
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Emblem inscription: American hospital ship -- Maine -- South Africa;
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American Hospital Ship, event
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Menus; Bill of fares; Menu design; Restaurant management -- Prices; Dinners and dining; Restaurants; Cooking; Food service; Eating; Social life and customs
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Menus The Art of Dining
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Giancarlo Fochesato2012-08-17 @ 01:35 PM
RFA MAINE was a hospital ship of the British Royal Fleet Auxiliary, which served during the Second Boer War and the Boxer Rebellion.
In October 1899 the Second Boer War broke out in South Africa, and Bernard N. Baker's Atlantic Transport Line, immediately offered the British Admiralty the use of a vessel as a hospital ship. The choice was the cattle/cargo ship SWANSEA, launched in 1877.
Funding for the conversion was raised by the American Ladies Hospital Ship Society (aka American Ladies Hospital Ship Fund), based in London and headed by Lady Randolph Churchill (Winston Churchill's American-born mother).
The conversion cost more than £ 41,000 and members of the public were invited to purchase a silver medal expressly coined, thus making funds to cover the ship's operational costs.
4 December 1899 the Officers, Medical Staff and crew were presented to Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle.
16 December 1899 at West India Docks, London HRH the Duke of Connaught presented HM The Queen's flag to Lady Randolph Churchill and the Committee for raising the money to convert the cargo (renamed MAINE) into a hospital ship.
The banquet at the Carlton Hotel took place
the following day, Sunday 17 December; and its menu card is decorated with a combination of the recto & verso of the silver medal in colour.
The MAINE sailed for South Africa on 23 December 1899 with Jennie Churchill and members of the St. John Ambulance Brigade as orderlies aboard. She arrived at Durban on 23 January 1900 and one of the earliest beneficiaries was Jeannie's younger son Jack Churchill, wounded during the Relief of Ladysmith.
After only four months, the MAINE returned to UK and then went to China for the Boxer Rebellion.
(Source : RFA Historical Society)

Giancarlo Fochesato
Verona, Italy
UNLV Library Staff2012-08-17 @ 01:55 PM
Thank you so much for your informative contributions to our collection! We appreciate your interest in our materials and the information you have provided.