Palace of Schönbrunn, Jubilee State Dinner menu in honor of H.I.M., the Emperor of Austria, May 7, 1908


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Palace of Schönbrunn, Jubilee State Dinner menu in honor of H.I.M., the Emperor of Austria, May 7, 1908
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The actual menu is in French. A copy of a New York Herald newspaper article about the banquet (dated May 8, 1908) is included, as well as a listing of "Royalty participating in this banquet."
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Jubilee State Dinner in honor of H.I.M., the Emperor of Austria, celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of his accession to the throne on the occasion of the visit of homage by H.I.M. the Emperor of Germany, reigning German sovereigns, princes and dignitaries
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Menus; Bill of fares; Menu design; Restaurant management -- Prices; Dinners and dining; Restaurants; Cooking; Food service; Eating; Social life and customs
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Giancarlo Fochesato2013-01-16 @ 01:07 PM
In your own words, 'The actual [original] menu is in French'.
The concept, however, should be better stressed. This is not the official menu, but rather a privately-printed English translation of it. And the profusely decorated cover also looks a far cry from the Vienna Court's usual practice. (The American spelling of 'Honour' would suggest an adaptation of the original menu card, at the instigation of the NY Herald magazine itself and for the use of English-speaking residents and visitors to Austria.)

Giancarlo Fochesato
Verona, Italy