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The Garden Room, Christmas dinner menu, 1957
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Hotel Warner, New Year's Eve dinner menu, 1912 Burgundy ribbon at menu spine
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St. Nicholas Hotel, New Year's dinner menu, 1914 Red string at menu spine. Holly embossed on cover.
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Grand Pacific Hotel Easter dinner menu, 1912 Cord with tassel at spine of menu.
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The New Fay Easter dinner menu, Sunday, April 7, 1912
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Fourth of July dinner menu, 1903, Bingham House Menu shaped like a firecracker with paper fuse; front cover has an illustration of the Liberty Bell.
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New Year's Eve 1908, menu, Hotel Butler Cafe Menu is folded to be mailed as a postcard, with space for a message, address and stamp. Addressed to "Mr. John Bohn, The Hotel World, Chicago." Inside of menu has pop-up illustrations of "Father Time" (1908) and a cherub with...
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New Year's Eve 1908, menu, Hotel Jefferson Illustration of church bell and birds. Poem at top of menu bidding goodbye to 1908 and welcoming 1909.

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