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Grand Hotel d'Europe menu, Monday, November 24, 1884
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House of Savoy Royal Family residence, menu, February 25, 1884 Includes wine list. Illustration on side of menu features cherubs, crossed cutlery and a woman standing on a pedestal and holding a platter. Crown with ribbons labeled "FERT" at top of menu.
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Christmas menu, 1884, Edgerton House
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Belgian Royal Family residence, dinner for Their Belgian Majesties, menu, Thursday, November 27, 1884 Gilt emblem at the top of the menu;
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Chicago & Alton Railroad, Train Lunch, menu Reverse side of menu has an excerpt from the Chicago News Letter, March 1, 1884 describing the new Train Lunch service. Lunch served, "on Night Trains in both directions between Chicago and St. Louis, and on Denver Express Trains in...
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Menu for a complimentary banquet to The Visiting Friends and Brethren of the American Ticket... Time given on menu, 8 P.M. Engraving of the hotel on the back cover is inscribed "Penfield" (possibly R. C. Penfield, engravers and lithographers, of Philadelphia).
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Sheridan House menu, Sunday, January 20, 1884 Some menu items are handwritten in.
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New Year's Day dinner menu, January 1, 1884, Hurd House Illustration engraved by John A. Lowell & Co., Boston. No. 241
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Christmas and New Year menu, 1883-1884, The Ballingall Light blue fringe along on border of menu.
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New Year's Day dinner menu, 1884, The Millard
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Bates House dinner menu, Sunday, February 3, 1884 Illustration and text of the nursery rhyme "Rub-a-dub dub, three men in a tub" on cover.
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Sweet's Hotel menu, February 10, 1884
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Revere House Thanksgiving Day menu, 1884
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Eau Claire House, menu, October 26, 1884
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Thanksgiving dinner, menu, November 27, 1884, Burnett House
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Sweet's Hotel Sunday lunch menu, November 16, 1884 Signatures on page 2.
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Eau Claire House menu, Sunday, November 9, 1884
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New Waverly menu, Thursday, December 25, 1884
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Christmas menu, Thursday, December 25, 1884, Alexander's Hotel
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Windsor Hotel, dinner menu, Thursday, November 13, 1884
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Windsor Hotel, dinner menu, Sunday, December 21, 1884
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Christmas menu, Thursday, December 25, 1884, United States Hotel Notice from proprietor on page 3 of menu. Hours for meals and dining information on back cover.
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The Oliver dinner menu, Sunday, June 8, 1884 Notices on bottom of menu: "Meals, lunches, &c., sent or carried to rooms will be charged extra. Guests inviting friends to meals, will please leave notice at the office. Children occupying seats at first Table will be charged full price."
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The Bates House menu, Sunday, November 2, 1884
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Christman dinner menu for the Williams House Hotel, December 25, 1884 Menu printed on overleaf and tied to card with a ribbon

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