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Great Northern Hotel luncheon menu, Wednesday, February 10, 1909 Embossed portrait of Lincoln on the cover. Quotations from Lincoln are printed throughout the menu. Lyrics from several patriotic songs are also included. The address "The message of Abraham Lincoln to our generation" was given by Rev. Frank G. Smith.
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Bunker Hill Day Banquet menu, The New England Society of Chicago, June 20, 1904 White ribbon at menu spine
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Race Brothers Oyster House and Cafe dinner menu, Saturday, February 28, 1885 Hours listed on menu, from 11:30-2:30 p. m.
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Menu for the annual banquet of the Chicago Canoe Club, 1885, Matteson House Triangle-shaped menu unfolds into a diamond.
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Celebration of the 183rd anniversary of Benjamin Franklin by the Typothetae of Chicago, dinner menu,... Portrait of Benjamin Franklin on the cover
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Christmas dinner menu, 1883, Gault House Handwritten inscription on back of menu, "Compliments of the proprietor H. W. Hoyt Chicago, Dec 25th '83"
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Christmas dinner menu, December 25, 1883, Tremont House Light blue tassels along top and bottom borders of menu. Illustration on menu cover, 705 Copyright by Robins on Eng. Co, 1883
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The Ballingall dinner menu, Sunday, September 17, 1882 Illustration on front cover number 240 copyrighted by Farmer, Livermore & Co., Prov. R.I. Drawing of hotel on back cover has J. Manz, Chicago in lower right corner. Hours of meals and Sunday hours of meals listed on menu.
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Menu for the Twenty-fourth annual game dinner, Saturday, November 22, 1879, Grand Pacific Hotel
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Townsend House, menu, Monday, June 26, 1882 Back of the menu has "D. G. Rogers, Jr. June 26, 82" handwritten on it. Front of the menu has "Oconomowoc, Wis." printed at the top and "Leland Hotel, Chicago, Warren F. Leland, Prop." printed at the bottom
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Menu for the Twenty-fifth annual game dinner, Saturday, November 13, 1880, Grand Pacific Hotel
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Thursday, November 29, 1883, Briggs House Proprietors were Frank Upman and J.D. Fanning.
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Menu for the Thirteenth Annual Banquet of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee,... Menu is die-cut in decagon shape with four folding flaps with illustrations.
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Christmas menu, The Palmer, December 25, 1883 Handwritten on menu, "Compliments of William P. Pratt"
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The Pioneer dining car line dinner menu Menu partially handwritten. No date on menu.
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Thanksgiving menu, Michigan Central Railroad dining car No date on meu. Menu states, Car St. Thomas. Illustration on back cover is copyrighted "Rand McNally Co."
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Sherman House menu, Monday evening, January 8, 1906 Menu is tied with faded green ribbon and has a portrait of Andrew Jackson
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Fourth of July menu, 1889, Hotel Worth
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Fourth of July menu, Hotel Worth No year on menu.
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Easter Sunday menu, April 1, 1888, the Arlington Hotel Cross and flowers illustration on the cover is tied on with string and bears a patent date of 1886 by Baldwin & Gleason Co., Ld. The menu has an embossed name of "S.D. Childs Chicago" on the front page in...
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Easter Sunday menu, April 17, 1892 at the Virginia Time on menu, 6 until 8 o'clock
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New Year's 1907, menu, Kaiserhof Menu was originally bound with cord. Illustration on cover of two infants atop a champagne bottle. "1907" is handwritten on the cover. German eagle emblem on page 2. Includes wine list.
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Grand Pacific Hotel, 34th annual game dinner menu, Saturday, November 23, 1889
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Menu for the Grand Pacific Hotel twenty-ninth annual game dinner, Saturday, November 22, 1884
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Annual meeting, Society of the Sons of the State of Maine, menu, April, 13, 1882,...
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Palmer House, menu, Sunday, November 19, 1882 Menu bound with blue cord with tassel.
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The Southern, menu, Sunday, July 16, 1882 Folded menu with envelope. The envelope has a partial cancellation mark but the stamp is missing. It is addressed "The Hotel World, Chicago, Ills." The back of the envelope has a monogrammed SH. Menu and envelope are printed on tan...
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Christmas menu, December 25, 1879 , Gardner House
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Arlington, menu, Sunday, August 19, 1883
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Thanksgiving menu, Metropolitan Hotel No date on menu. Inside of menu signed, Complts of J. T. Ford
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Transit House dinner menu, November 29, 1883 Illustration on front cover, 351 copyright by Robinson Eng. Co. Boston, 1881.
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New Year's Day menu, 1884, Briggs House
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Christmas celebration, menu, December 25, 1879, City Hotel
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Christmas menu, December 25, 1883, Sweet's Hotel Cards and wine lists furnished by waiters.
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Christmas menu, 1883, Continental Hotel
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Niagara Falls route menu, December 25, 1881-January 1, 1882 Includes wine list. Includes train schedule on back cover.
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The Avenue menu, August 7, 1881 Menu includes a list of Shakespeare quotations titled, A Shakspearian Bill of Fare
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Dunlap house dinner menu, Sunday, June 3, 1883 Handwritten note and signature from Jno. A Vickery, hotel clerk, on page 2.
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Menu for farewell dinner, P. W. Gates Jr. to the Patrons of the Gault House,... Menu decorated with light blue fringe border; die-cut shield pasted on cover decorated with light blue ribbon. P. W. Gates Jr. was the prorpietor of the Gault House and sold it in 1882.
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Invitation for the Twenty-ninth annual game dinner, Saturday, November 22, 1884, Grand Pacific Hotel Handwritten invitation
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Sweet's Hotel, five o'clock dinner menu, Sunday, December 21, 1884 Illustration on cover of young woman in costume as Ophelia (from "Hamlet.")
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Christmas menu, 1884, The Denison Manager's signature is on page 2. "Private billiard room" written in pencil on back cover.
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Alexander's Hotel, menu, December 15, 1884
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Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Medinah Temple event menu, March 28, 1885, Revere House Nobles of the Mystic Shrine are commonly known as Shriners;
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, 1884, St. Nicholas Hotel Pink cord with tassel at top center of menu.
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Revere House, dinner menu, Sunday, January 4, 1885
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Sweet's Hotel five o'clock dinner menu, Sunday, February 8, 1885
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Christmas dinner menu, The White House No year on menu.
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Windsor Hotel, dinner menu, Sunday, December 21, 1884
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Christmas dinner menu, 1884, Revere House

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