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Hôtel de la Ville, dinner menu, March 5, 1899 "Maigre" at top of menu (for Catholic meatless Friday). Handwritten menu.
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Ah'So, dinner menu Serving Teppan'yaki style Japanese food, where an iron griddle is used to cook food.
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Circolo "La Polenta" banquet menu, April 14, 1900
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Sands Hotel and Casino, SunBrunch buffet menu Served on Sundays
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Dania steamship, menu, Sunday, December 6, 1891 Handwritten menu. At head of menu: "Hamburg-Amerikansiche Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft." Features illustrations of the steamship, a dining setting and a woman with a ship's anchor and a shield with the letters HAPAG.
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Lindell Hotel, menu, January 28, 1883
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Unknown restaurant, menu, November 12 Handwritten menu; picture of a woman in Tudor costume sitting at a table with a spoon in her hand and a tureen of soup on the table; name of the picture: "Potage Maria Stuart" (i.e., Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots)....
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Unknown restaurant, menu Handwritten menu; title of the drawing is "Consommé Diana," a play upon the name of the soup and the hunting goddess Diana, depicted here, with her dog, serving a dish of hot consomme. Artist's name is possibly Ugo Bizzarri.
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Café Anglais menu, 1890 Restaurant name and location handwritten on side of menu
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New Year's Day menu, January 1, 1885, Arcade Hotel
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Thanksgiving menu, unknown restaurant No date. John J. Grier was the manager of restaurants on the Rock Island Railroad line, which had a station at El Reno, Oklahoma. Illustration at top of menu shows a young boy holding a spoon, saying to two turkeys,...
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Lucky Louie's, menu, circa 1970s-1980s Includes wine list.
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Unknown restaurant, Hotel Nevada & Casino, menu, circa 1979 "In downtown Las Vegas" printed on cover. "VC Menus - Eastland, Texas 6-79" in lower right corner of page 3.
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El Cortez Coffee Shop menu, circa 1970s Includes daily specials inserts.
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Commercial Deli, menu, circa 1970s-1980s "Host--Abe; Hostess--Ann" and "In the heart of Commercial Center" printed on cover.
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Occidental Hotel dinner menu, Tuesday, December 23, 1879 William B. Burford lithograph on front cover. Illustration of the Occidental Hotel on the back cover. "An extra charge made for fruit, nuts, etc. carried from the table. Apply to waiters for wine card."
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Masconomo House dinner menu, Sunday, September 12, 1880 "Corkage 75 cents." At bottom of front cover, "Engraved and copyrighted by A. W. Robinson, Boston Mass, 1880."
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Grand opening dinner menu, Thursday, May 17, 1883 at Grand Pacific "American and European plan." is printed in the bottom left corner of front cover.
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Arlington, menu, Sunday, August 13, 1882
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Twenty-sixth Michigan Infantry banquet menu, November 14th, 1883, given at the Wright House
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Christmas dinner menu, December 25, 1881 at the Ebbitt House "38" is printed in the bottom left corner on the back cover. "Engraved and copyrighted by A.W. Robinson, Boston, Mass. 1880" is printed at the bottom of the back cover.
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New Year's Day menu, 1884, Seventh Avenue Hotel
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Galt House, menu, Sunday, May 20, 1883
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Thanksgiving lunch menu, November 29, 1883, The Oakland Engraving number 21 by John A. Lowell & Co., Boston, on front cover; Dinner served 4 to 6;
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The Criterion, menu of the day, July 7, 1885
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Gorhams Hotel No date on menu. Front cover illustration, No. 48 engraved and copyrighted by J A Lowell & Co. Boston, 1879
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, November 29, 1883 Crawford House Color illustration on front cover
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Reception menu, March 7, 1882 at Southern Hotel Pink menu consists of two artist's palette shaped pages tied together with a blue ribbon.
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The Criterion, menu
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Christmas menu, December 25, 1882, Peabody Hotel
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Annual meeting, Society of the Sons of the State of Maine, menu, April, 13, 1882,...
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Galt House, menu, March 18, 1883
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Thanksgiving menu, 1883, The Antlers
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Windsor Hotel, dinner menu, Sunday, October 14, 1883
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Aladdin Room, lunch menu Handwritten revisions made in pencil on menu;
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Union Depot Dining Hall, menu, page 1
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Thursday, November 30, 1882 at Union Depot Dining Hall Menu includes the Thanksgiving Proclamation by Governor Frederick W. Pitkin and released by Secretary of State N. H. Meldrum.
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Christmas dinner menu, 1883, Gault House Handwritten inscription on back of menu, "Compliments of the proprietor H. W. Hoyt Chicago, Dec 25th '83"
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Pierce's Palace Hotel menu, Sunday, October 12, 1879 Below illustration on front cover, Engraved and copyrighted by J.A. Lowell & Co. Boston 1878. 7. Illustration on back cover. An extra charge will be made for fruit, nuts, etc., carried from the table. Apply to waiters for wine card.
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Hotel Cecil, menu
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The Montezuma menu, Sunday, December 9, 1883
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Christmas menu, 1879, Tecumseh House Menu shaped like a slanted parallelogram, tied with a ribbon. Salutations on back of menu
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The Brunswick Sunday lunch menu No date on menu. Front cover illustrated; decorative cuts along borders. Proprietor's name is probably spelled Hannaford (rather than Hanaford, as printed on the menu).
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Sultan's Table, dinner menu Gray cord at menu spine;
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Kimball House menu, Sunday, October 28, 1883 Embossed color illustrations on front cover. Signature in blue ink on back cover. Amusements, At the Burtis Opera House, November 3d, Clara Louise Kellogg Grand Concert Company.
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Ashley House menu, Sunday, April 18, 1880 At top of inside menu, "General Grant's Reception, Bloomington, Illinois, April 17th, 1880
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Huron House menu, Sunday, April 1, 1883 Fan shaped menu folds in the center.
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Emerald Green Golf Course and Country Club, menu Golf course map and distances included; date on top left corner of the menu: 6/1/76;
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Lindell Hotel, menu, February 19, 1882
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Palmer House, menu, Sunday, November 19, 1882 Menu bound with blue cord with tassel.

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