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Menu for Opening of Jacksonville Southeastern Rail Road to Centralia, Wednesday, November 7, 1883, Dunlap... Excursion souvenir. Quote on menu, "Now good digestion wait on appetite and health on both."
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Dunlap House, menu, Sunday, May 20, 1883 Handwritten on the back of the menu is "Compliments of Jno. A. Vickery"
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Centropolis Hotel menu, Sunday, October 14, 1883 Color illustrations on front and back covers.
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Dunlap House menu, Monday, February 12, 1883
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Thursday, November 29, 1883, St. James Hotel
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Thanksgiving menu, 1883, Centropolis Hotel
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Centropolis Hotel menu, Sunday dinner, September 16, 1883 Quotations from Shakespearean plays are interspersed throughout the menu.
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The Montezuma menu, Sunday, June 24, 1883 Menu tied with pink and green cloth ribbon. Illustration on back cover engraved & copyrighted by J.A. Lowell & Co., Boston No. 38D. Includes wine list.
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Christmas menu, 1883, Laclede Hotel
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Christmas menu, 1883, Centropolis Color illustrations
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Lindell Hotel, menu, May 6, 1883

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