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Menu for the third annual banquet of the Hotel Men's Mutual Benefit Association of the...
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Arcade Hotel menu, Sunday, September 28, 1884
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Thanksgiving dinner, menu, November 27, 1884, Burnett House
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New Year's Day menu, January 1, 1885, Arcade Hotel
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Arcade Hotel menu, November 16, 1884
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Arcade Hotel menu, November 30, 1884
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Colonial Hotel, Christmas menu, date unknown Embossed text and graphics on menu cover.
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Chittenden Hotel, Christmas dinner menu, Friday, December 25, 1908 Menu is bound by a red cord. Embossed graphics and text on the cover. Live music by the W. H. Claspill's Orchestra was performed during the dinner.
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Burnet House menu, Sunday, April 11, 1880
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, November 29, 1883 Crawford House Color illustration on front cover
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Thanksgiving, menu, November 25, 1880, Beckel House Color illustration on front cover. Johnson, P. R. at bottom of menu front cover
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Thursday, November 30, 1882 at the Crawford House
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Etna House, menu, Wednesday, May 10, 1882
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New Year's Day menu, 1884, Crawford House Embossed illustration colored with metallic paints on front cover.
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Third banquet of The Tally-Ho Club held at Beckel House, April 26, 1884 The illustration is copyrighted 1880
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Christmas menu served in the Palm Room at Gibson House, December 25, 1901 Includes braided tassel.
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Beckel House menu, Sunday, May 7, 1882 Menu folds into a triangle, becoming its own envelope.
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Burnett House, dinner menu, Sunday, March 30th, year unknown
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Christmas dinner menu, St. James No date on menu.
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Thanksgiving menu, 1883, Burnett House White fringe on front cover.
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Christmas dinner menu, Tuesday, December 25, 1883, Hotel Emery Diagonal card pasted on cover is trimmed with red fringe; menu bound with red cord and tassel.
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, 1881, Hotel Madison Illustration on front and back covers engraved & copyrighted by J.A. Lowell & Co., Boston, 1879, 65
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, 1884, Sloane House
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Crawford House dinner menu, October 19, 1884
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Lumbermen's banquet, menu, Wednesday, January 21, 1885, Arcade Hotel
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Hotel Emery, menu, Sunday, October 12, 1884 The Emery Hotel was built by Thomas Emery's sons in 1880.
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Chittenden menu, Thursday, February 12, 1903 Front cover has a portrait of Abraham Lincoln
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Grand Hotel Easter dinner menu, Sunday, April 17, 1892
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The Sloane Easter dinner menu, 1892
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New Year's Eve dinner, December 31, 1913, Chittenden Hotel Menu also marks hotel's transition from operating on an American plan to operating on a European plan
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Clarendon Hotel Easter menu, 1892 Menu has a cord with tassel.
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New Year's Day menu, 1892, The Stillman, Menu cover is a handwritten replica of a bank note with the hotel manager's signature.
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Fourth of July menu, Tuesday, July 4, 1905, The Burnet House Menu includes song lyrics to "America".
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Washington's birthday at the Hotel Atlas, menu, Friday, February 22, 1901 Menu is printed on textured red paper in gold ink. Full-length portrait of George Washington on one side.
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Washington's birthday menu, Sunday, February 22, 1903 at the Chittenden Portrait of George Washington on the cover.
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Chittenden Hotel menu, Sunday March 19, 1905 Includes small newspaper article about the decorations for the dinner. Illustrated with a leprechaun carrying a banner decorated with a three-leaf clover.
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Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1908, menu, Grand Hotel Lavender cord and tassel.
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, November 30, 1893, Boody House Pink ribbon; scalloped edges. Small inset illustration on cover of people carrying food and table settings.
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Thanksgiving, November 26, 1908, menu, Hotel Sterling Includes music program. "Today we return thanks" on cover.
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Thanksgiving menu, November 30, 1899, Hotel Sterling Ivory cord and tassel.
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Thanksgiving 1906, menu, November 29, 1906, Jefferson Hotel Red cord; lower right corner of front page is turned up and fastened with a tiny white bow; includes music program.
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Thanksgiving dinner 1908, menu, Chittenden Hotel "Ye Old Thanksgiving Day" hunting scene on cover; Jack-o-lantern on cover; ivory, rose and light blue marbled paper. Includes music program.
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The Oliver dinner menu, Sunday, June 8, 1884 Notices on bottom of menu: "Meals, lunches, &c., sent or carried to rooms will be charged extra. Guests inviting friends to meals, will please leave notice at the office. Children occupying seats at first Table will be charged full price."
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Sloane House menu, Sunday, May 25, 1884
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Thanksgiving menu, November 29, 1883, Hotel Emery
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Thanksgiving menu, November 29, 1883, Palace Hotel
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Lagonda House dinner menu, Sunday, October 8, 1882
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Arcade Hotel, menu, February 1, 1885
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Arcade Hotel menu, December 21, 1884
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Arcade Hotel Sunday dinner menu, November 9, 1884

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