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Opening day of the Southern Exposition, dinner menu, August 16, 1884, Alexander's Hotel Illustration on front cover copyright by Robinson Eng. Co., Boston, 1882. 485
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Arcade Hotel menu, Sunday, September 28, 1884
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Revere House Thanksgiving Day menu, 1884
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Thanksgiving dinner, menu, November 27, 1884, Burnett House
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, 1884, Sloane House
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Crawford House dinner menu, October 19, 1884
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Christmas menu, 1884, The Denison Manager's signature is on page 2. "Private billiard room" written in pencil on back cover.
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Christmas menu, 1884, Edgerton House
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, 1884, St. Nicholas Hotel Pink cord with tassel at top center of menu.
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The Bates House, menu, Sunday, November 16, 1884
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Christmas menu, 1884, St. Lawrence Hall
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Windsor Hotel, dinner menu, Sunday, December 21, 1884
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House of Savoy Royal Family residence, menu, February 25, 1884 Includes wine list. Illustration on side of menu features cherubs, crossed cutlery and a woman standing on a pedestal and holding a platter. Crown with ribbons labeled "FERT" at top of menu.
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The Bates House menu, Sunday, November 2, 1884
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Pacific House menu, Sunday, July 20, 1884
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Thanksgiving menu, 1884, National House

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