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Arlington, menu, Sunday, August 13, 1882
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Lindell Hotel, menu, December 17, 1882
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Thursday, November 25, 1880, St. Nicholas Hotel
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Phoenix Hotel menu, Wednesday, December 3, 1879
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Thanksgiving dinner, menu, November 27, 1884, Burnett House
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Easter Sunday menu, April 16, 1911, Piedmont Hotel "A Happy Easter" printed on cover. Illustration on front cover has name, R. R. v. Wichera whose full name was Raimund (Ritter von Brennerstein) Wichera. Menu includes poem titled "Easter Awakening" by Arthur G. Lewis. Names of individual managing directors...
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Unknown railroad company, Dixie Flyer Dining Car, breakfast menu Includes handwritten daily specials insert dated March 2nd (no year). Includes photographs of The Custom House, Nashville, Tenn., L & N Station, Evansville, Ind., downtown Atlanta, Ga., and Moccasin Bend (Tennessee).
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Thanksgiving menu, November 23, 1882 at The American
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The Southern, menu, Sunday, May 14, 1882 Menu states: Thoroughly fire proof.
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Le Djemnah steamship restaurant, menu, February 12, 1892 Handwritten menu. "Messageires Maritimes" emblem in illustration. "Imp. Marseillaise R. Sante, 39; mod. no. 46" at bottom left of menu.
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The Antlers menu, January 30, 1884
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Lent dinner menu for the Galt House, March 2, 1884 The first Sunday in Lent occurs after Ash Wednesday. In 1884, March 2 was the first Sunday after Ash Wednesday.

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