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Masconomo House dinner menu, Sunday, September 12, 1880 "Corkage 75 cents." At bottom of front cover, "Engraved and copyrighted by A. W. Robinson, Boston Mass, 1880."
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Christmas dinner menu, December 25, 1879, St. Nicholas Hotel Illustrations on front and back covers, engraved and copyrighted by J.A. Lowell I Co., Boston, 1879, no. 64.
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New Year menu, 1882, Narragansett Hotel
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Galt House dinner menu, Wednesday, February 6, 1884
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, November 29, 1883, The Millard
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Grand opening dinner menu, Thursday, May 17, 1883 at Grand Pacific "American and European plan." is printed in the bottom left corner of front cover.
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Christmas dinner menu, December 25, 1881 at the Ebbitt House "38" is printed in the bottom left corner on the back cover. "Engraved and copyrighted by A.W. Robinson, Boston, Mass. 1880" is printed at the bottom of the back cover.
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Devonions in London, third annual dinner, menu, Saturday, March 8, 1890, at The Criterion Includes music program;
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Tremont House, menu, Saturday, October 27, 1883 Hotel location inferred from illustration.
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Sultan's Table, dinner menu Restaurant designed to emulate Fouquet's Parisian restaurants; includes menu insert featuring "La Menu Classique du Sultan"; gold chord at menu spine; Image or Renoir's 'Moulin de la Galette' on menu insert.
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Windsor Hotel, dinner menu, Thursday, April 20, 1882
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Dunlap House menu, Monday, February 12, 1883
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The Criterion, East Room, supper menu, 1897 Illustrations of various Spiers & Pond properties on cover. "P.D., 2667. 200" at lower right of page 3.
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Galt House menu, Wednesday, March 22, 1882 Advertisement for printing company on back cover. Meal hours listed on menu.
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Thursday, November 29, 1883, Briggs House Proprietors were Frank Upman and J.D. Fanning.
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Tremont House, menu, Sunday, July 1, 1883
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Tremont House, menu, Monday, April 30, 1883
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Cafe Noir, menu Cover illustration signed "Emily Syminton '60."
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Huron House, dinner menu, Sunday, March 29, 1885
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Cafe Noir, breakfast menu Cover illustration signed "Emily Syminton '60."
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Restaurant Bertrand, alcoholic beverages lists "Maison Bertrand"--p. 3. "Propre. Hub. Gilissen-Herincx, fournisseur attitré de S.M. le Roi des Belges et de S.A.R. Mr. le Prince Albert"--cover. "Ste. Anversoise de Cartonnages & Biseautages (Ste. Ame.)"--bottom of page 3. Notes and prices handwritten on various pages;...
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Unknown railroad company, Dixie Flyer Dining Car, breakfast menu Includes handwritten daily specials insert dated March 2nd (no year). Includes photographs of The Custom House, Nashville, Tenn., L & N Station, Evansville, Ind., downtown Atlanta, Ga., and Moccasin Bend (Tennessee).
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St. Charles Hotel breakfast menu
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Bates House dinner menu, Thursday, May 1, 1884
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The Glee dinner, Saturday, March 1st, 1890, at The Criterion Grand pianoforte by Ascherberg;
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Matteson House, menu, November 30, 1882 Menu has white fringe around the edges.

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