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Unknown restaurant, Chinese cuisine menu, Stardust Hotel & Casino, circa 1970s-1980s Chinese symbols for happiness, good luck, prosperity, and longevity on cover.
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Marcians Lodge, event, menu, Friday, October 27, 1899 Restaurant name is unknown, possibly Trocadero since J. Lyons & Co., Ltd. appears at the bottom of the menu. Masonic compass and square symbols at top of menu.
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Hibbard House menu, Wednesday, May 25, 1881
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Hotel Vendome dinner menu, Wednesday, February 14, 1923
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Genesius Club annual dinner, menu, Sunday, April 28, 1901, at Café Florence Illustration of man in 18th-19th century costume, accompanied by a dog, seated on a stage with drama masks, raising a toast, signed "L. Thackeray, painted by Charles Schulz." Masonic symbol in upper left corner.

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