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Casino de Paris, menu Wine list included;
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, 1883, Lagonda House Color illustration on front cover
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Central Hotel menu, Sunday, December 9, 1883 Square menu positioned diagonally; Menu on front cover with an image of a red and white woven cloth with frayed edges in the background. "F. T. Clark"--p. 2.
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Casino de Paris, dinner menu "Casino de Paris" was a show with French singer Line Renaud and a cast of 100 European artists; it was directed by Frederic Apcar. It was scheduled on December 1963.
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Pemigewasset House, menu, Sunday, August 13, 1882 "A delightful and popular summer resort"--cover. Illustrations of attractions in Plymouth, New Hampshire on cover, along with illustration of the hotel. Includes wine list.
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Grand Hotel de Londres, dishes of the day, menu Handwritten menu; drawings in all pages; print with Berger & Wirth inks
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Menu for the fourth annual New England Banquet, December 21, 1883, Sweet's Hotel Embossed illustration colored with metallic paints on front cover. Illustration of hotel on the back cover.
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Newhall House dinner menu, Sunday, November 30, 1879
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Christmas dinner menu, Tuesday, December 25, 1883, The Morgan
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Christmas dinner menu at the Queen's Hotel, December 25, 1883
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Hôtel Kung Carl, dinner menu, January 10, 1886 Handwritten menu; menu does not include address; the name of a city, Vienne, is handwritten at the top of the menu cover, however, it was found through research that the hotel is in Stockholm
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Restaurant Bertrand, Grill Room, menu Restaurant was supplier for the Belgian royal family; the menu offers dinner for 5 francs and also dishes à la carte.
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Langham Hotel menu, Thursday, March 8, 1883 Menu advertises cultural programs in London.
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Langham Hotel menu, Friday, December 29, 1882 Menu advertises cultural programs in London.
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Langham Hotel menu, Tuesday, July 31, 1883 Menu advertises cultural programs in London.
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Hudson House, dinner menu, Wednesday, October 17, 1883
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Wanderers' Lodge dinner, menu, March 21, 1893, Cloots' Restaurant Three-fold menu. Front cover has illustration of table setting with a roast and a boar's head. Illustration of Jack Horner character on page 3.
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Hotel Cecil, menu, March 7, 1899 Menu partially handwritten;
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Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889, Restaurant Russe, menu Handwritten menu; parts of the menu are illegible;
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Menu for complimentary dinner to Dr. C. C. Graham by his friends in honor of...
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Restaurant Paillard, lunch menu, 1888 Handwritten menu; year of the menu was handwritten at the top of the menu;
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, 1884, Sloane House
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Hotel Continental dinner menu, December 7, 1881
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Thanksgiving menu, Michigan Central Railroad dining car No date on meu. Menu states, Car St. Thomas. Illustration on back cover is copyrighted "Rand McNally Co."
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Christmas menu, Thursday, December 25, 1884, United States Hotel Notice from proprietor on page 3 of menu. Hours for meals and dining information on back cover.
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El Cortez Hotel Coffee Shop, menu, Monday, November 11, 1957 Separate sheet clipped in with additional food choices and the date. Photographs of hotel on back of menu. Menu includes two "deflation special" inserts. Back of menu has space for message, address and postage stamp.
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The Mint menu No date on menu. Menu includes an article about The Mint on the back cover. Daily special inserts stapled inside menu.
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The Garden Room menu, 1975 Handwritten on back of menu, 79-224-102
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Palm Room menu Insert for "fountain specialties" stapled to menu. No date on menu.
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Dinner menu for the 86th meeting of the Beverly Hills Wine and Food Society, November... Menu written in French.
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Don the Beachcomber dinner menu Possible date near printer's name, 2/78.
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Olympia London, event, menu, December 23, 1899, catered by J. Lyons & Co., Ltd.
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Unknown railroad company, Dixie Flyer Dining Car, breakfast menu Includes handwritten daily specials insert dated March 2nd (no year). Includes photographs of The Custom House, Nashville, Tenn., L & N Station, Evansville, Ind., downtown Atlanta, Ga., and Moccasin Bend (Tennessee).
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Unknown restaurant, menu, November 12 Handwritten menu; picture of a woman in Tudor costume sitting at a table with a spoon in her hand and a tureen of soup on the table; name of the picture: "Potage Maria Stuart" (i.e., Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots)....
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Restaurant Delamare menu No date on menu.
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New Year's Day menu, January 1, 1885, Arcade Hotel
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The Bates House menu, Sunday, November 2, 1884
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Don the Beachcomber souvenir menu, 1967
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Palmer House, menu, Sunday, April 5, 1885 Menu lists the meal time at 5 o'clock and includes the text: "The Palmer. Thoroughly Fire Proof." Back of menu features an image of The Palmer Hotel along with the text: "American and European Plans, 850 Rooms."
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The Garrick Restaurant, menu, Thursday, February 5, 1903 Partially handwritten menu

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