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The Montezuma menu, Sunday, June 24, 1883 Menu tied with pink and green cloth ribbon. Illustration on back cover engraved & copyrighted by J.A. Lowell & Co., Boston No. 38D. Includes wine list.
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Pere Marquette Railroad Co. "Governor's Special" for the inauguration of President Roosevelt, menus, March 2-3,... Itinerary of the special train, "The Governor's Special," traveling from Detroit to Washington, D.C., March 2-3, 1905 via Pere Marquette Railroad, C. H. & D. Railway and B. & O. Railway, for the inauguration of President Roosevelt on March 4,...
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Restaurant Paillard, alcoholic beverage list, July 1896
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Menu for the Eton Dinner to the Earl of Minto, Lord Curzon of Kedleston, and... Also includes a list of previous governors general of India and viceroys of Canada. Menu printed with Berger & Wirth inks. All three honored persons were Eaton alumni.
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Flamingo Hilton Hotel and Casino, room service menu Limited room service menu due to construction; ca. 1977
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Frontier Hotel and Casino, room service menu Tabbed menu;
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Landmark Hotel and Casino, room service menu
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Christmas and New Year menu, 1883-1884, The Ballingall Light blue fringe along on border of menu.
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Menu for the Italian Benevolent Society and the Home for the Aged Poor Fund eleventh...
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Royal Exchange Colonial Exhibition dinner, menu, June 9, 1902, at Hotel Cecil Chairman, Lord Strathcona; wine list included; music program included; committee member list included; toast list included; red string in menu spine
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Thunderbird Hotel room service menu, July 1974 Numbers on menu, 7/74 and 5/1/74. Handwritten on back of menu, 79-224-112
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Don the Beachcomber dinner menu Possible date near printer's name, 2/78.
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Menu for the Duke of Edinburgh's Wiltshire Regiment, Thursday, June 3 1897, The Monico, Egyptian... Second menu attached for Mr. W. H. Morton's grand fancy dress ball, November 25, 1896, The Monico, Egyptian and Renaissance Saloons
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Dinner menu for the 86th meeting of the Beverly Hills Wine and Food Society, November... Menu written in French.
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Arlington, menu, Sunday, August 13, 1882
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Montezuma Hotel menu, November 11, 1883 Includes wine list. Cover illustration of milkmaid signed "Edwards;" copyrighted 1882 by the printer. "No. 10 L" next to printer's name on cover. "Corkage 50 cents and $1.00 per bottle." Ovid quote on menu: "Non opus est verbis, credite r[e]bus."
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Dunes Hotel and Country Club, room service menu
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Hibbard House, menu, Sunday, February 5, 1882
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Flamingo Hilton Hotel and Casino, wine list
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Flamingo Hilton Hotel and Casino, room service menu;
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Alvord Hotel menu, July 4, 1883
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Frontier Hotel and Casino, wine list
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American House dinner menu, Tuesday, August 1, 1882
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Christmas celebration, menu, December 25, 1879, City Hotel
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Tremont House, menu, Sunday, July 1, 1883
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Tremont House, menu, Monday, April 30, 1883
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Christmas menu, Thursday, December 25, 1879, American House
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The Brighton Ice Skating Club, wine list, 1897-1898 Front page has the date range as 1897-1898. "All the wines in this list are supplied by Messrs. Block & Co., Park Lane, London"--p. 3.
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The Palmerston Restaurant, beverages list
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Grand-Hotel, beverage list
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Savoy Hotel and Restaurant, list of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products "Directeur du Restaurant--Monsieur Joseph; Chef de Cuisine--Maître Turaeun"--p. 1.
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St. James Hotel, menu, November 22, 1893
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Globe Restaurant wine list, April 1901 Wine list within red leather cover. Telephone no. 5034 Gerrard. Menu has handwritten, H. Bettoni Manager. Back of leather cover has logo for G. H. Mumm & Co., G. de Bary.
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Grand Hotel d'Europe menu, Monday, November 24, 1884
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Stanley House menu, Sunday, November 9, 1884
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Café Savarin, menu, April 15, 1892
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Sands Hotel and Casino, wine list
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Alexander's Hotel, menu, Sunday, January 18, 1885
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Hotel El Rancho Vegas, wine list Photographs of hotel on back of menu. Cover has illustration of woman in cowgirl costume, operating a wine press, with the hotel in the background.
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Café Royal menu, February 8, 1901
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Carlton Hotel, menu, January 31, 1900
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The Colt Gun, Metropolitan Rifle Ranges lunch menu, Thursday, July 20, 1899
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Grosvenor Hotel, menu, March 26, 1901 Includes wine list;
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Savoy Restaurant menu, November 9, 1898
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Greyhound Hotel, menu, Monday, May 19, 1890
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Farewell dinner, menu, Thursday, September 1, 1898, at Trocadero Restaurant
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Masconomo House dinner menu, Sunday, September 12, 1880 "Corkage 75 cents." At bottom of front cover, "Engraved and copyrighted by A. W. Robinson, Boston Mass, 1880."
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Grand opening dinner menu, Thursday, May 17, 1883 at Grand Pacific "American and European plan." is printed in the bottom left corner of front cover.
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Menu for complimentary banquet to Sir Thomas J. Lipton on Monday, November 25, 1901, at... Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton was a Scotsman. He was the creator of the well-known Lipton tea brand.
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Christmas dinner menu, December 25, 1883, Tremont House Light blue tassels along top and bottom borders of menu. Illustration on menu cover, 705 Copyright by Robins on Eng. Co, 1883

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