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New Year's menu, 1884, The Arlington
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Galt House menu, Sunday, February 10, 1884 At top of menu, Table d'hote. Illustration copyright by Robinson Engraving Co., Boston, 1883. 436
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Noble family residence, menu, November 23, 1884 Embossed coats of arms (Lippe (the Lippe Rose) and Baden) at top of menu. Handwritten note on back of menu: "Prince de Lippe-Detmold." The Lippe Rose was adopted as lesser arms of his personal Standard by Woldemar, reigning sovreign of...
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Christmas celebration, 1884, menu, Bingham House "Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co." is printed in the bottom margin of the front page, No. 15 is also printed in the bottom right corner.
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Christmas menu, Tuesday, December 25, 1884, Everett Hotel Illustration on front cover engraved by John A. Lowell & Co., Boston, U.S.A., No. 59A
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Spanish Royal Family residence, dinner for Their Spanish Majesties, menu, October 10, 1884 Monograms C and A with a crest with the numeral XII appear beneath a crown on the cover. Apparently it refers to Alfonso XII, the king of Spain and his wife, Maria Christina of Austria. Vine pattern around the...
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Christmas dinner menu, 1884, Royal Hawaiian Hotel
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Christmas menu, 1884, St. Lawrence Hall
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St. James Hotel menu, January 1, 1884
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Belgian Royal Family residence, dinner for Their Belgian Majesties, menu, Thursday, November 27, 1884 Gilt emblem at the top of the menu;
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House of Savoy Royal Family residence, menu, February 25, 1884 Includes wine list. Illustration on side of menu features cherubs, crossed cutlery and a woman standing on a pedestal and holding a platter. Crown with ribbons labeled "FERT" at top of menu.
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The Antlers menu, January 30, 1884

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