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Lindell Hotel, menu, February 19, 1882
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The Southern, menu, March 12, 1882 Diamond-shaped menu folds to go into triangle-shaped envelope.
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The Grosvenor, menu, November 30, 1882
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Thanksgiving, menu, November 25, 1880, Beckel House Color illustration on front cover. Johnson, P. R. at bottom of menu front cover
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The Southern, menu, Sunday, July 16, 1882 Folded menu with envelope. The envelope has a partial cancellation mark but the stamp is missing. It is addressed "The Hotel World, Chicago, Ills." The back of the envelope has a monogrammed SH. Menu and envelope are printed on tan...
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New Year's Day menu, Galt House There is a verse on the back about the New Year by Charles Lamb.
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Christmas menu, December 25, 1883, The Tremont House Illustration on front cover titled, Contentment, H-29. Engraved & printed by E. G. Farmer & Co., Prov. R.I.
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Galt House, menu, Wednesday, April 25, 1883
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Casino de Paris, menu Wine list included;
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Lindell Hotel, menu, December 17, 1882
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Central Hotel menu, Sunday, December 9, 1883 Square menu positioned diagonally; Menu on front cover with an image of a red and white woven cloth with frayed edges in the background. "F. T. Clark"--p. 2.
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Christmas menu, Tuesday, December 25, 1883, Louisville Hotel Illustration on front cover includes drawings of the hotel in 1833 and 1883. Greeting on front cover states 50th annual greeting of the Louisville Hotel Co.
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Christmas menu, December 25, 1883, The Bates House Inscription on menu front, Compliments of The Bates House, Christmas, December 25th, 1883.
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St. James Hotel menu, Sunday, October 21, 1883 Illustration on front cover, 637 Copyright by Robinson Engraving Co. Boston 1883
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Pierce's Palace Hotel menu, Sunday, November 23, 1879 Illustration on front cover titled Lake Como, Italy. The following statements appear on the menu, Apply to waiters for wine card. An extra charge will be made for fruit, nuts, etc., carried from the table.
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The Criterion, menu Handwritten menu;
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Huron House, menu, Sunday, April 8, 1883
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Savoy Hotel, dinner, May 11, 1899 Blue and gold emblem at top left. "Magnums Deutz & Geldermann, 1889" refers to a wine.
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The Ballingall dinner menu, Sunday, September 17, 1882 Illustration on front cover number 240 copyrighted by Farmer, Livermore & Co., Prov. R.I. Drawing of hotel on back cover has J. Manz, Chicago in lower right corner. Hours of meals and Sunday hours of meals listed on menu.
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Flamingo Hilton Hotel and Casino, wine list
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Pemigewasset House, menu, Sunday, August 13, 1882 "A delightful and popular summer resort"--cover. Illustrations of attractions in Plymouth, New Hampshire on cover, along with illustration of the hotel. Includes wine list.
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Grosvenor Hotel, menu, May 22, 1901
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Seventh annual exhibition of the National Cycle Show, Ltd., menu, Thursday, November 24, 1898, at... Crystal Palace was an exhibition hall
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Thanksgiving menu, Thursday, November 30, 1882 at the Kirby House At the bottom of the front cover is "Kendall Bank Note Co. 285 Bway N.Y. Copyright, 1879." Inside the menu is blue with "Chandler - CO - INLPLS" at the bottom
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Savoy Hotel, menu, November 28, 1898
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Centropolis Hotel menu, Sunday, October 14, 1883 Color illustrations on front and back covers.
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Newhall House menu No date on menu. Illustration on front cover copyrighted by John A. Lowell & Co. Boston 1880, No. 225.
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Savoy, menu, July 12, 1898 It is possible that the word "Pinafore" mentioned on the cover of the menu refers to the well known Gibert and Sullivan comic opera called H.M.S. Pinafore. It was written in 1878. In 1899 this opera was revived at the...
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Seventh Queen's Own Hussars, meeting, menu, June 10, 1898 Red ribbon emblem with words "Peninsula, Waterloo, Lucknow, with Queen's Own Hussars" surrounds the Emblem of the The Most Noble Order of the Garter, with Queen Victoria's Imperial Cypher "VR" [Victoria Regina] in the center.
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Pierce's Palace Hotel menu, Sunday, October 19, 1879 Illustration on cover engraved and copyrighted by J. A. Lowell & Co., Boston, 1878, 8. Menu states, Apply to waiters for wine card.
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The Arlington, menu, Sunday, June 22, 1884
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St. James Hotel menu, Sunday, April 13, 1884
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New Year's menu, 1884, The Arlington
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Thanksgiving menu, Metropolitan Hotel No date on menu. Inside of menu signed, Complts of J. T. Ford
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The Grosvenor menu, November 30, 1882 Gus. F. Smith listed as owner and proprietor.
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Menu for the Brookline Thursday Club, June 21, 1884, at Hotel Wellesley Lower right-hand corner of menu has stamped imprint of JE Stanton, Stationer, 3 Park St. Boston
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Whitefriars Club annual dinner, menu, Wednesday, January 24, 1900, Trocadero Restaurant, Empire Room Chair to be taken by Friar W. P. Treloar, Sheriff of London. "Friar Montagu, fecit [artist]" at bottom of cover illustration.
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Phoenix Hotel menu, Wednesday, December 3, 1879
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Peabody Hotel menu, December 25, 1879 Color illustration on front of menu
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The Capitol Hotel menu, Sunday, December 9, 1883
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Revere House menu, Sunday, October 31, 1880
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New Year's Day menu, 1884, St. James Hotel
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Kuhns Restaurant menu, August 1900 Handwritten menu
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Burnet House menu, Sunday, April 11, 1880
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New Year's Day menu, 1884, Sheridan House Menu folds into an envelope. Manager's signature on second flap or menu. Illustrations on menu interior dated 1883 on left flap and 1884 on right flap.
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Christmas menu, December 25, 1883, St. Nicholas Hotel Illustration of Illinois capitol building on back of menu.
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Savoy, menu, July 23, 1898 Handwritten menu.
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Savoy Hotel, menu, November 5, 1897 Back cover features monogram with the letters S and H.
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Mankato House dinner menu, Sunday, May 11, 1879
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Christmas celebration, menu, December 25, 1879, City Hotel

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