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Lindell Hotel, menu, October 1, 1882
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Strand Lodge, event, menu, Thursday, December 10, 1885, at The Criterion Decorated with Masonic emblems;
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The Southern, menu, March 26, 1882 Menu is shaped like an artist's palette, including the thumb hole.
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Galt House menu, Sunday, October 28, 1883
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Monongahela House, menu, Sunday, May 25th, 1884
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Restaurant Riche, menu Menu is handwritten.
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American Hospital Ship, event, menu, December 17, 1899, Carlton Hotel Emblem inscription: American hospital ship -- Maine -- South Africa;
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Arlington, supper menu Hours for meals listed on menu.
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Marcians Lodge, event, menu, Friday, October 27, 1899 Restaurant name is unknown, possibly Trocadero since J. Lyons & Co., Ltd. appears at the bottom of the menu. Masonic compass and square symbols at top of menu.
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Hôtel d'Angleterre, dinner menu The Grand Hotel d'Angleterre was built in the 19th century across from Syntagma Square, Athens; it was demolished after World War II; the menu does not indicate the hotel location but "Athens Greece" is handwritten on the menu; Emblems...
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Mr. and Mrs. G. Alcock wedding breakfast, menu, June 10, 1899, unknown restaurant Cover illustration signed "ED." Decorative border on cover is partially embossed.
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Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schneiders, supper, menu, June 1, 1898, at the Trocadero Restaurant Embossed silver decorations;
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Grand Hôtel du Quirinal menu, October 16 Handwritten menu
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Savoy, dinner, May 22, 1897 Handwritten menu; "P. Aug. Masse inv. et sc." written at the bottom of the illustration.
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Christmas menu, The Sherman No date on menu.
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Noble family residence, menu, Sunday, September 23, 1877 Includes wine list. Features unidentified red and gold crest.
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La Gascogne steamship menu, January 24, 1888 Handwritten menu
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Christmas dinner menu, December 25, 1881 at the Exposition Hotel Two locations are mentioned on the menu, Atlanta, Georgia and another branch at Blue Ridge Springs, Virginia.
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Chief Constables of England and Wales, event, menu, Tuesday, May 30, 1893 Includes wine list;
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Officers of the Bank of England, event, Tuesday, June 23, 1896, at Restaurant Pera Shows a gilt Bank of England logo;
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Grand Hôtel National Lucerne, menu, August 22, 1887 Menu is partially handwritten; restaurant open all year
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Cercle des Capucines menu, lunch, September 25, 1909 Handwritten menu. Features illustration of five women and a cherub figure, signed by Gaston Linden, 1894. One woman is painting or drawing; another is playing a stringed instrument; another is raising a glass in a toast; another, holding an armful...
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Thanksgiving menu, 1883, The Windsor
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Grand Hôtel du Quirinal menu, February 14, 1890 Handwritten menu on woodgrain patterned paper, ink has faded.
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Grand Hôtel du Quirinal, menu, January 21, 1890 Handwritten menu;
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Grand Hôtel du Quirinal, menu, May 2, 1890 Pansy is hand painted on menu. Menu is handwritten
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Lindell Hotel, menu, November 29, 1883 Color illustration of a turkey bordered by dark maroon fringe in top left corner of menu. Hours on menu, 5 to 7
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Au revoir supper to our friend Mr. Richard G. Knowles, November 9, 1896, at Romano's... Includes wine list;
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Unknown restaurant, menu Handwritten menu. The initials O.P.W.F. are shown at the bottom of the illustration.
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Galt House, menu, Sunday, September 2, 1883
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Grand Hôtel du Quirinal menu, March 27, 1890 Handwritten menu
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Grand Hôtel menu, May 16, 1907 Handwritten menu. Illustration has motto "Tovt chemin mene a Rome" (All paths lead to Rome)
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The Monico, Egyptian Saloon, menu, May 26, 1898 Two gilt coat of arms with the following inscriptions: "Duke of Edinburgh's regiment" and "Wiltshire"; gilt letters and borders
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Galt House, menu, Tuesday, November 28, 1882
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Galt House, menu, Sunday, October 15, 1882
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Grosvenor Hotel, menu, March 26, 1901 Includes wine list;
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The Royal Cruising Club, dinner, menu, November 24, 1902, at The Monico, International Hall Menu has burned edge design; designed and printed on the premises.
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Thanksgiving menu, November 29, 1883, Palace Hotel
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The Arlington, breakfast menu Menu is signed in the top right corner. Hours for meals listed on menu.
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Le Djemnah steamship restaurant, menu, February 12, 1892 Handwritten menu. "Messageires Maritimes" emblem in illustration. "Imp. Marseillaise R. Sante, 39; mod. no. 46" at bottom left of menu.
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Galt House, menu, Wednesday, January 24, 1883 Written at the bottom of the menu: The Eminent Actress, "Modjeska" at Macauley's Theatre tonight.
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Copa Room, dinner menu
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Grand Hôtel menu, April 7, 1901
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Trocadero Restaurant, menu, February 16, 1899 Handwritten menu;
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The Windsor menu, December 30, 1883 Time on menu, 5:30 p.m.
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The Criterion, menu, Tuesday, December 1, 1885
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Hotel Continental, menu, Saturday, October 14, 1893 Embossed silver decorations; back of menu has separate piece of cardboard pasted on so menu can stand like an easel.
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The Arlington House, lunch menu, Sunday, August 19, 1883
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Park Hotel, menu, November 25, 1880
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Lindell Hotel menu, November 19, 1882

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