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Café Roma, menu Insert of daily specials included; wine list included
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Freemasons' Tavern menu, February 17, 1903 Menu is a combination of printed and handwritten items. Front and back covers are filled with advertisements.
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Grand Hôtel de Londres, menu Some menu items handwritten. Date unclear on menu.
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The Palmerston Restaurant menu, Wednesday, May 14, 1902, Parisian Dining Rooms Advertisements are printed on back cover and around menu. "Company" is abbreviated "Coy." on cover.
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The Palmerston restaurant, luncheon room menu Menu is chiefly printed, with some selections stamped and other handwritten. Back cover has advertisements for various rooms in the restaurant and goods they sell. "Company" is abbreviated "Coy." on cover.
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The Barret House, menu, Sunday, August 31, 1884
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Silver Slipper Casino, Gay 90's Buffet menu Postcard style menu; advertisement for cocktail hour on back page.
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Snack bar menu, Sands Hotel and Casino
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Café Restaurant de Paris, supper menu, December 14, 1886 Handwritten menu;
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Hotel Cecil menu, Sunday, July 6, 1902 Front cover has a royal warrant from Queen Alexandra.
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Cafe Monico menu, Feburary 19, 1903 Advertisements on back cover and around the edges of the menu. Insert lists Indian curries as a special on Mondays and Thursdays
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Tropicana Hotel, menu Gold cord at menu spine, includes a daily special insert for Tuesday. Menu may be for the Brazilian room.
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Grand Hotel Terminus menu Menu is printed in English and French. Pages are tabbed.
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The St. Clement Dane's Church Grand Stand menu Lists various prices for complete meals and has an a la carte menu for specific orders. The Grand stand is at the top of the menu cover, with supplied by Mr. Jean Kohl, manager. The Horns hotel & restaurant at...
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Cascade Terrace, menu
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The Garden Room, menu, Monday, December 22, 1969
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Thanksgiving menu, Michigan Central Railroad dining car No date on meu. Menu states, Car St. Thomas. Illustration on back cover is copyrighted "Rand McNally Co."
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The Garden Room, menu, June 25, 1974 Green cord at menu spine
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Menu for luncheon given by the directors of Marine Hotel on the occasion of the... Time on menu, 3 o'clock. Illustration on back cover with title Tantallon.
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Sands Hotel and Casino, room service menu
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Blue Onion Drive-In Restaurant, menu Menu shaped like onion. Page 5 features cartoon titled "Blue Onion morning coffee"; date on page 5 is 7/15/57.
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Binion's Horseshoe Club Restaurant menu No date on menu. Separate sheet with morning specials clipped to menu.
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Cactus Room menu
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Aladdin Hotel and Casino, room service menu 4/78/4000 at bottom right corner of menu (page 7)
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Skillet Room menu
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Louigi's Italian Charcoal Broiler menu
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El Cortez Hotel Coffee Shop, menu, Thursday, June 12, 1958 Separate sheet clipped in with additional food choices and the date. Pages 3-4 ares half-width.
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El Cortez Hotel Coffee Shop, menu, Monday, November 11, 1957 Separate sheet clipped in with additional food choices and the date. Photographs of hotel on back of menu. Menu includes two "deflation special" inserts. Back of menu has space for message, address and postage stamp.
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The Algiers menu Coffee shop and bar.
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Cactus Room menu Information near printer: 4/77
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Rathskeller of the Alpine VIllage Inn, menu History of German rathskeller on back of menu. Information about the Rathskeller on the back implies the menu is from 1970 or later.
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Gam's restaurant menu, October 27 Front and back covers have a wood grain background. Date is from the insert with dinner specials.
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Milk's restaurant menu Breakfast served anytime & take out orders available
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The Mint menu No date on menu. Menu includes an article about The Mint on the back cover. Daily special inserts stapled inside menu.
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Great Northern Hotel luncheon menu, Wednesday, February 10, 1909 Embossed portrait of Lincoln on the cover. Quotations from Lincoln are printed throughout the menu. Lyrics from several patriotic songs are also included. The address "The message of Abraham Lincoln to our generation" was given by Rev. Frank G. Smith.
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Sill's menu, November 21, 1957
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Golden Nugget Restaurant menu, Saturday, March 8, 1958
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Appian Inn, menu
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Royal Nevada Hotel Crown Room menu No date on menu.
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Stage Door Steak House menu, El Rancho Vegas 74-242 written on back of menu.
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Cattleman's Steak House, luncheon menu Specials handwritten on backs of check stubs
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Hotel El Rancho Vegas menu, World War II era Back of menu is extensively scribbled on in orange pencil. At bottom of menu "By OPA regulation our ceilings are our highest prices from April 4, 1943 to April 10, 1943." Menu includes facts about the Basic Magnesium Plant.
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Thunderbird Hotel room service menu, July 1974 Numbers on menu, 7/74 and 5/1/74. Handwritten on back of menu, 79-224-112
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Navajo Room menu No date on menu.
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Union Plaza Coffee Shoppe menu No date on menu. One insert with graveyard specials.
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Sans Souci restaurant menu No date on menu.
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El Cholo Cafe, menu
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Bob's All Family Restaurant menu No date on menu. Handwritten on back of menu 77-214. Photograph on cover shows people at Hoover Dam.
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Plantation Kitchen, menu No date on menu. "Menu cover is a reproduction of one of four paintings by Vincent [i.e., Vicente] Viudes of Spain, commissioned especially for the Plantation Room."
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Terrace menu No date on menu. One insert listing Wednesday specials. Dining room and coffee shop. 24 hour service.

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