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Dunlap House, menu, Sunday November 4, 1883 On the back cover is handwritten "Compliments of Jno. A. Vickery"
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Savoy Room, menu;
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Exposition Hotel, menu
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Menu for the Irish universities' banquet and presentation to Earl Roberts, July 8, 1902, at... Includes photographs of prestentation cup given to Field Marshal the Right Honourable Earl Roberts of Kandahar and Pretoria.
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Christmas dinner menu, Thursday, December 25, 1879 at the Grand Hotel "Compliments of M. E. Welsh" printed at top of cover.
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Pemigewasset House, menu, Sunday, August 13, 1882 "A delightful and popular summer resort"--cover. Illustrations of attractions in Plymouth, New Hampshire on cover, along with illustration of the hotel. Includes wine list.
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Flamingo Hilton Hotel and Casino, room service menu;
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Townsend House, menu, Monday, June 26, 1882 Back of the menu has "D. G. Rogers, Jr. June 26, 82" handwritten on it. Front of the menu has "Oconomowoc, Wis." printed at the top and "Leland Hotel, Chicago, Warren F. Leland, Prop." printed at the bottom
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Unknown restaurant, dinner menu, Wednesday, October 31, 1883 Stated at bottom of menu: Telephone, Telegraph Service and Telegraphic Communication at Office. Corkage 50 cents a bottle.
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Menu for the Twenty-fifth annual game dinner, Saturday, November 13, 1880, Grand Pacific Hotel
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Grosvenor Hotel, menu, May 22, 1901
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Savoy Room, menu Includes insert featuring luncheon specials;
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Seventh annual exhibition of the National Cycle Show, Ltd., menu, Thursday, November 24, 1898, at... Crystal Palace was an exhibition hall
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Savoy Room, menu Service from 11 pm-7 am;
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The Windsor menu, May 20, 1883 Time stated on menu is 5:30 p.m. Menu inside an envelope addressed with The Windsor in blue green metallic paint
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Etna House, menu, Wednesday, May 10, 1882
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Dunes Hotel and Country Club, room service menu Service from 7 am - 11 pm;
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Arlington, menu, Sunday, August 19, 1883
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Iron and Steel Institute Dinner, menu, May 11, 1897, at Hotel Cecil President, Martin, Edward P., Esq;
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South African civil surgeons dinner menu, Monday, June 9, 1902, at Hotel Cecil
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Dunlap House, menu, Sunday, May 20, 1883 Handwritten on the back of the menu is "Compliments of Jno. A. Vickery"
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Unknown restaurant, menu
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Dunes Hotel and Country Club, wine list Silver cord at menu spine;
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Windsor Hotel, dinner menu, Sunday, June 24, 1883 "Mellgren Eng." appears at the bottom of the lobster illustration.
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Grosvenor Hotel, menu
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Thanksgiving menu, Thursday, November 30, 1882 at the Kirby House At the bottom of the front cover is "Kendall Bank Note Co. 285 Bway N.Y. Copyright, 1879." Inside the menu is blue with "Chandler - CO - INLPLS" at the bottom
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Flamingo Hilton Hotel and Casino, New Year's Eve dinner menu, 1972 Gold cord at menu spine;
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Chinese Kitchen, dinner menu Service from 6 pm-11:45 pm;
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Savoy Room, Chinese dinner menu;
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Venus Room, New Frontier Hotel and Casino, menu, April 21, 1955 Back of menu includes space for message, address and postage stamp.
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Chicago & Alton Railroad, Train Lunch, menu Reverse side of menu has an excerpt from the Chicago News Letter, March 1, 1884 describing the new Train Lunch service. Lunch served, "on Night Trains in both directions between Chicago and St. Louis, and on Denver Express Trains in...
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Menu for the Bankers' Convention dinner, Thursday, October 11, 1883, Galt House Reverse side of menu has a reproduction of a Bank of Kentucky bank note. List of local entertainment at bottom of menu. Opera house, Lizzie Harold and the Comley Dramatic Co., in The Princess Chuck. Masonic Temple, B. McAuley as...
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Flamingo Hilton showroom, dinner menu Photographs of Sandler & Young and Lonnie Shorr inside menu.
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Hibbard House menu, Wednesday, May 25, 1881
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Frontier Hotel and Casino, room service menu Tabbed menu;
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Frontier Hotel and Casino music hall, dinner menu Performer unspecified;
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Grand Hotel de Londres, dishes of the day, menu Handwritten menu; drawings in all pages; print with Berger & Wirth inks
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Frontier Hotel and Casino music hall, dinner menu Performer unspecified;
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Savoy Hotel, menu, November 28, 1898
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Menu for the luncheon given by Mr. & Mrs. A. A. George on the occasion... Shows picture of Edward VII, menu with gilt letters; Monogram with the letters E R VII [Edwardus VII Rex]. Coronation souvenir, June 25th, 1902. Poem in honor of the King signed by Fred. E. Weatherly on page 3.
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Claridge's, menu
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The Branding Iron Steakhouse, dinner menu
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The Pioneer Room, Frontier Hotel and Casino, menu
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Pioneer Coffee Shop, menu
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Candlelight Room, dinner menu Black and gold cord at menu spine;
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Silver Slipper Restaurant, menu
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Alvord Hotel menu, July 4, 1883
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Thursday, November 25, 1880 , Hotel Brunswick Lord's Prayer at top of menu. Includes meal hours. Gold and red border design. Rule for Bills of Fare given.
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Ye Ancient Romans, Dinner to the Old Roman, menu, Sunday, April 28, 1895 Only pages 1-2 available; rest of menu is missing. "P.7" (?) at lower right of page 1
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Romano's, lunch and dinner, menu Drawing on the front cover. Portion of menu handwritten.

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