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Christmas menu, 1883, Clark House
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Galt House menu, Sunday, October 28, 1883
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Thanksgiving menu, 1883, The Windsor
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Lindell Hotel, menu, November 29, 1883 Color illustration of a turkey bordered by dark maroon fringe in top left corner of menu. Hours on menu, 5 to 7
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Galt House, menu, Sunday, September 2, 1883
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Galt House, menu, Wednesday, January 24, 1883 Written at the bottom of the menu: The Eminent Actress, "Modjeska" at Macauley's Theatre tonight.
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The Windsor menu, December 30, 1883 Time on menu, 5:30 p.m.
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The Arlington House, lunch menu, Sunday, August 19, 1883
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Galt House dinner menu, Friday, June 1, 1883 Printed at bottom of menu: "Carrie Swain" as Cad the Tom Boy, at Macauley's Theatre to-night.
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Christmas dinner menu, December 25, 1883, at the Hubbard, Color illustration is surrounded by fringe and pasted onto the menu
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Christmas dinner menu for the Madison Hotel, December 25, 1883 Menu is a postcard that had mailed out; handwriting and postage stamp on back
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Menu for the fourth annual banquet of the Hotel Men's Mutual Benefit Association of the... Emblem for the Hotel Brunswick and its proprietors, Barnes and Dunklee, on back of menu
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Galt House, menu, Wednesday, May 9, 1883
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Thursday, November 29, 1883, The Oakland Illustration on front cover engraved by John A. Lowell & Co., Boston, no. 64A
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Banquet given by the Municipality of Saint Paul on the completion of the Northern Pacific... Menu has blue tassels and blue thread fringe around the edges. Back cover is monogrammed "NPPR" -- for Northern Pacific Railroad Company.
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Arlington, menu, Sunday, August 5, 1883
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Lindell Hotel, menu, May 6, 1883
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Montezuma Hotel, menu, Thursday, September 13, 1883 Paraphrase of quote from Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice" at bottom of menu.
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Cameron House, menu, Sunday, July 22, 1883
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Christmas menu, 1883, Seventh Avenue Hotel Illustrations on front and back of menu, engraved by John A. Lowell & Co., Boston, U.S.A.
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Hôtel Bellevue, menu, May 21, 1883 Handwritten menu. Features illustrations of the hotel and various local sites. Various advertisements in German are on the back of the menu.

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