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Silver Nugget Restaurant, colonial room menu No date on menu. Two inserts listing daily specials.
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The Maxwell Easter Sunday luncheon menu, March 25, 1894
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The Garden Room menu, 1975 Handwritten on back of menu, 79-224-102
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Palace Court, luncheon menu
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Showboat Restaurant menu No date on menu. Photograph of a floor show on back of menu. Three stapled inserts listing specials and other food choices.
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Alpine Village Inn dining room menu No date on menu. History of the establishment on back of menu.
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Showboat Restaurant, captain's room menu No date on menu. Photograph of a floor show on back of menu. Insert lists the Captain's Room daily menu.
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Kelly's menu No date on menu. Menu contains three inserts with food specials.
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Opening ceremony of the International Fire Exhibition, luncheon menu, May 6, 1903, at Earl's Court Includes wine and toast lists.
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Alpine Village Inn dining room menu No date on menu. Handwritten on back of menu, 79-249. History of the establishment on back of menu.
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Palm Room menu Insert for "fountain specialties" stapled to menu. No date on menu.
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Washington's birthday celebration, menu, Monday, February 22, 1904 at the auditorium of the Union League... Cover has portrait of George Washington, menu includes program and 4 verses of the song "America".
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Washington's birthday luncheon menu, Sunday, February 22, 1903, Russell House Cover as a color portrait of George Washington. And a bird insignia with a RH monogram.
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Caravan Room menu Possible date near printer's name, 4-81.
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Thanksgiving luncheon menu, Hotel Harrington, November 24, 1898
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Christmas menu, Caravan Room A property of Del E. Webb Corporation. No date on menu.
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Caravan Room menu No date on menu.
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Caravan Room menu No date on menu.
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Hotel Last Frontier, menu Cover has illustration of stagecoach in front of the hotel. Inside of menu has illustration of the hotel and property. Back of menu has handwritten message dated Nov. 20, 1943. Menu can be folded into a postcard for mailing; includes...
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Sun Garden, menu Cover has illustration of a fountain. Printer's copyright is 1980.
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The Overland, menu Cover has illustration showing height of "proposed Boulder Canyon Dam" in Black Canyon on the Colorado River, as compared to the Woolworth Building in New York City. Back cover has "Some Interesting Facts About Las Vegas, Nevada," including information about...
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Palm Room, menu Cover features illustration of a caballero on an ornamented horse. "3/80."
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Pink Pony, menu Menu illustrated with circus theme drawings. Menu written primarily in Spanish.
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Nellis Air Force Base NCO Club, menu Cover is illustrated with fighter planes and U.S. Air Force rank chevrons, and features the shield of the former USAF Tactical Fighter Weapons Center. "History of Nellis" on back page. Incudes wine list. "The United States Air Force Warfare Center...
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The Library, An Eating and Drinking Emporium, menu Menu resembles an old library check-out card and has a library theme, with the menu featured as a "table of contents;" vertical sides of menu have punched holes in them. Includes wine list.
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Savoy Room, menu Includes insert with breakfast specials;
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Foxy's Delicatessen, Restaurant and Bakery, menu "On the Strip"--cover. "Food to take out." Includes dinner specials insert.
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Aladdin Room, menu Die-cut vertical oval between pages 3 and 4.
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Opening of the Article Club Industrial Exhibition, luncheon, menu, Tuesday, May 30, 1899, at Crystal... Crystal Palace was an exhibition hall
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Luncheon to the President of the United States, menu, Sept. 28, 1909, Davenport Hotel, Hall... Toast to the President given by Judge George Turner, followed by an address from the President. 3" x 1 5/8" black and white photo of the White House pasted on page 2. Menu is bound with red, white...
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Galt House luncheon menu, Sunday, October 28, 1883 Times on menu:1 to 2:30 p. m., Dinner from 6 to 8:00 p. m.
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Hotel Kursaal luncheon menu, Monday, August 1, 1892 The Maloja is a village situated at the summit of the Maloja pass (between Switzerland and Italy). The hotel is located at the upper Engadine valley, in the district of the Maloja.
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The Garden Room, menu
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Menu for complimentary luncheon to George O. Starr, Esq. and friends, given by Messrs J....
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Galt House luncheon menu, Sunday, October 21, 1883 Luncheon 1 to 2:30 p.m. Dinner from 6 to 8 p.m.
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The Mayor of Kensington's luncheon, menu, May 23, 1903, at Earl's Court Exhibition, Quadrant restaurant Includes wine list;
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Grand Hotel Terminus menu No date on menu.
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St. Vrain, menu, August 3, 1884 Unknown if this is from the St. Vrain Hotel, located in Longmont, Colorado, or a location on St. Vrain Street in Colorado Springs. The proprietor is the same as that of The Antlers in Colorado Springs. Time on menu, 12:00...
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Hacienda menu No date on menu. 7/67 and MA 4-7631 printed at bottom of menu.
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Galt House, luncheon menu, Sunday, February 22, 1885
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Mount Charleston Ski-Bar Ranch, menu, circa 1944 Menu was folded in half and sent through the mail. Handwritten text on menu. Also includes additional information about the ski-bar ranch.
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Hotel Roosevelt, Thanksgiving menu, Thursday, November 28, 1929
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Menu/postcard for the Chesapeake and Ohio Lines dining car, circa 1915 Menu includes a detachable picture postcard with the text, "Fortress Monroe, Adjoins Hotel Chamberlin." Noted on menu: "Table Waters from the Healing Springs of Virginia. Virginia Hot Springs."A listing of "Interesting Quotations" are featured on the back of the menu.
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Silver Slipper Restaurant menu, circa early 1950s Postcard style menu.
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The Algiers Hotel menu, circa 1958 Coffee shop and bar
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El Cortez Hotel restaurant menu, circa 1950s Postcard style menu.
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Stardust Convention Center, suggested menus, circa 1960
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Golden Nugget Restaurant dinner menu, circa late 1960s
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Play It Again Sam, menu, circa 1980s
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Lucky Louie's, menu, circa 1970s-1980s Includes wine list.

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