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American House dinner menu, Tuesday, August 1, 1882 Signature of J. D. Costello, Steward is at bottom of page 3.
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Galt House, menu, Sunday, September 2, 1883
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Galt House, menu, September 9, 1833
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Occidental Hotel, menu, Sunday, July 10, 1881 Front cover has "Family-Robinson House Pittsburgh" written in red ink.
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Tremont House, menu, Saturday, October 27, 1883 Hotel location inferred from illustration.
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Hibbard House, menu, Sunday, February 5, 1882
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Huron House, menu, Sunday, April 8, 1883
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Wright House, dinner menu, Thursday, November 29, 1883
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Dunlap House, menu, Sunday November 4, 1883 On the back cover is handwritten "Compliments of Jno. A. Vickery"
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Pemigewasset House, menu, Sunday, August 13, 1882 "A delightful and popular summer resort"--cover. Illustrations of attractions in Plymouth, New Hampshire on cover, along with illustration of the hotel. Includes wine list.
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Townsend House, menu, Monday, June 26, 1882 Back of the menu has "D. G. Rogers, Jr. June 26, 82" handwritten on it. Front of the menu has "Oconomowoc, Wis." printed at the top and "Leland Hotel, Chicago, Warren F. Leland, Prop." printed at the bottom
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Unknown restaurant, dinner menu, Wednesday, October 31, 1883 Stated at bottom of menu: Telephone, Telegraph Service and Telegraphic Communication at Office. Corkage 50 cents a bottle.
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Grosvenor Hotel, menu, May 22, 1901
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The Windsor menu, May 20, 1883 Time stated on menu is 5:30 p.m. Menu inside an envelope addressed with The Windsor in blue green metallic paint
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Etna House, menu, Wednesday, May 10, 1882
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Dunlap House, menu, Sunday, May 20, 1883 Handwritten on the back of the menu is "Compliments of Jno. A. Vickery"
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Windsor Hotel, dinner menu, Sunday, June 24, 1883 "Mellgren Eng." appears at the bottom of the lobster illustration.
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Hibbard House menu, Wednesday, May 25, 1881
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Alvord Hotel menu, July 4, 1883
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Centropolis Hotel menu, Sunday, October 14, 1883 Color illustrations on front and back covers.
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, 1883, The Arlington Illustration by W. Halsall on front cover, engraved by John A. Lowell & Co., no. 59A. "Wine cards can be had from the waiters in the dining room" printed at bottom of page 2. "Corkage, $1 per bottle. Perfumed by...
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Thursday, November 29, 1883, Revere House Purple and gold leaf shaped menu
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Savoy, menu, July 12, 1898 It is possible that the word "Pinafore" mentioned on the cover of the menu refers to the well known Gibert and Sullivan comic opera called H.M.S. Pinafore. It was written in 1878. In 1899 this opera was revived at the...
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Seventh Queen's Own Hussars, meeting, menu, June 10, 1898 Red ribbon emblem with words "Peninsula, Waterloo, Lucknow, with Queen's Own Hussars" surrounds the Emblem of the The Most Noble Order of the Garter, with Queen Victoria's Imperial Cypher "VR" [Victoria Regina] in the center.
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Pierce's Palace Hotel menu, Sunday, October 19, 1879 Illustration on cover engraved and copyrighted by J. A. Lowell & Co., Boston, 1878, 8. Menu states, Apply to waiters for wine card.
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St. James Hotel menu, Sunday, April 13, 1884
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New Year's menu, 1884, The Arlington
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The Monico, Renaissance Saloon, menu, Monday, February 8, 1897 Includes music program; menu with scalloped borders; back cover contains table plan and room dimensions
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Christmas dinner menu, 1883, Grand Hotel Menu printed on pink paper. Embossed figure in metallic gold paint on front cover.
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New Year's Day, dinner menu, 1884, Wright House
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Menu for the visit to Toronto of His Excellency The Marquis of Lorne, Governor General... Menu reddish-brown in color.
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Thanksgiving menu, Metropolitan Hotel No date on menu. Inside of menu signed, Complts of J. T. Ford
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Newhall House dinner menu, Sunday, December 7, 1879
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The Grosvenor menu, November 30, 1882 Gus. F. Smith listed as owner and proprietor.
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The Avenue menu, December 12, 1880
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Wright House, five o'clock dinner menu, Sunday, January 6, 1884
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Christmas menu, 1883, Park Hotel Menu has pink fringe along border and two ivory tassels.
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Transit House dinner menu, November 29, 1883 Illustration on front cover, 351 copyright by Robinson Eng. Co. Boston, 1881.
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New Year's Day menu, 1884, Briggs House
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Brown's Hotel No date on menu. At bottom of menu, Butter from the Jersey Dairy of Hon. G. W. Brown. Opera House Tonight, Annie Eva Fay, The Phantom Princess. Illustration on front cover, no. 36.
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Phoenix Hotel menu, Wednesday, December 3, 1879
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Newhall House dinner menu, Sunday, October 5, 1879 Illustration on front and back cover.
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American House dinner menu, Tuesday, August 1, 1882
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Rossin House dinner menu, Sunday, November 26, 1882 Color shields and Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom on back of menu. Time of meal given as 1 o'clock.
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The Capitol Hotel menu, Sunday, December 9, 1883
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Revere House menu, Sunday, October 31, 1880
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Windsor Hotel, dinner menu, Thursday, April 20, 1882
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Avondale Hotel, menu, June 22, 1897 The emblem presented on the menu seems to refer to Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee (1837-1897). It depicts the young and old Queen Victoria head busts.
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New Year's Day menu, 1884, St. James Hotel
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Newhall House dinner menu, Sunday, November 30, 1879

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