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Stanleigh House opening day menu, Thursday, May 18, 1882 Opening souvenir. Individual hotel and restaurant employees' names on page 4.
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Menu for the Rhode Island state dinner to the Representatives of France, Tuesday, November 1,... Menu is bordered with blue fringe. Anchor illustration on back cover includes names of committee members.
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The Piazza, dinner menu
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Society of Colorado pioneers first annual banquet and reunion, January 25, 1881 at The Windsor Includes a list of Ornamental pieces. Engraving on front cover titled "Over the Range," and engraving on back cover titled "The Sleeper We Came On," both credited to J.D. Howland, Del. [delineavit] and J.M. Bagley, Eng.
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Theatre Restaurant, dinner menu
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The Barret House, menu, Sunday, August 31, 1884
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Menu for the banquet to J. A. Enander by the Swedish Citizens of Jamestown, October...
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Silver Slipper Casino, Gay 90's Buffet menu Postcard style menu; advertisement for cocktail hour on back page.
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Arcade Hotel menu, Sunday, September 28, 1884
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Brazilian Room, lunch and dinner menu
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Snack bar menu, Sands Hotel and Casino
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Exchange Hotel, menu, Sunday, December 28, 1884 Illustration on front cover engraved and copyrighted 1882 by John A. Lowell & Co., Boston, U.S.A.
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New Year's celebration 1885, menu, Revere House
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Marshall House dinner menu, Sunday, December 14, 1884
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Stanley House menu, Sunday, November 9, 1884
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Cafe Noir, breakfast menu Cover illustration signed "Emily Syminton '60."
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Park Central Hotel, menu, Saturday, August 23, 1884 Back of menu includes hours of meals.
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New Year's Eve 1957 in the Copa Room at the Sands Hotel and Casino
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Christmas dinner menu, 1879, The Brunswick
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Avenue Hotel Company dinner menu, October 19, 1884 Meal hours listed on menu. Illustration on front cover copyright by Robinson Engraving Co., Boston, 1883. No.540
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Revere House Thanksgiving Day menu, 1884
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Copa Room, wine list Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin performing
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Eau Claire House, menu, October 26, 1884
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Christmas celebration, 1884, menu, Bingham House "Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co." is printed in the bottom margin of the front page, No. 15 is also printed in the bottom right corner.
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Gourmet Room, Holiday Fiesta dinner menu Silver chord at menu spine
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Thanksgiving dinner, menu, November 27, 1884, Burnett House
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Tropicana Hotel, Folies Bergere Theatre Restaurant, dinner menu, 1981 Includes wine list.
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Menu for complimentary dinner to Dr. C. C. Graham by his friends in honor of...
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Versailles Room, dinner menu Includes wine list. Photograph of Engelbert Humperdinck in concert on cover.
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Menu for the Grand Pacific Hotel twenty-ninth annual game dinner, Saturday, November 22, 1884
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Tremont House, menu, Sunday, November 23, 1884 Hours for meals listed on menu.
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Christmas dinner menu, Thursday, December 25, 1884, The Nicollet
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The Pioneer dining car line dinner menu Menu partially handwritten. No date on menu.
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Leland Hotel menu, Thursday, November 27, 1884 Back of menu lists Leland's chain of hotels, hours for meals, and extra charges.
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Menu for farewell banquet to Oliver W. Zane by his friends, on his leaving for... Guest list on page 4: A.O. Peterson; E.G. Sutton; W.C. Berry; Emil Rutz; Geo. Berry; M. Ackerman; C. A. Babcock; J.F. Bunn; W.L. Wickham; Geo. S. Babcock; C.M. Hurst; W.A. Starne; J. Dick Hardin; Henry Fixmer; Will Payne; C.O. Butler;...
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Central Hotel menu, Thursday, November 27, 1884 Menu is shaped like a book. Illustration on cover of book is titled "Silver Cascade, Near St. Anthony."
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New Waverly menu, Thursday, November 27, 1884 Illustration on front cover copyrighted and published by Ph. Hake, New York
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Thursday, November 27, 1884, Windsor Hotel Embossed cover illustrations have ancient Egyptian theme.
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Café Savarin, menu, April 15, 1892
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Invitation for the Twenty-ninth annual game dinner, Saturday, November 22, 1884, Grand Pacific Hotel Handwritten invitation
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Sweet's Hotel, five o'clock dinner menu, Sunday, December 21, 1884 Illustration on cover of young woman in costume as Ophelia (from "Hamlet.")
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Wright House, dinner menu, September 21, 1884
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Sands Hotel and Casino, wine list
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Landmark Theatre, dinner menu
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, 1884, Sloane House
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Christmas dinner menu, Thursday, December 25, 1884, The Beach Hotel Dinner from 5:30 to 8.
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Christmas menu, Tuesday, December 25, 1884, Everett Hotel Illustration on front cover engraved by John A. Lowell & Co., Boston, U.S.A., No. 59A
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Sands Hotel and Casino, Chinese cuisine menu No prices listed; meals suggested for groups of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 people
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El Patio, dinner menu
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The Orleans dinner menu No date on menu. Time on menu, 6 to 8 p.m.

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