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Crawford House dinner menu, October 19, 1884
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Showroom Internationale menu
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Hotel Orleans, dinner menu Time on menu, 6 to 8 p.m.
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Keith's Exchange, menu "Compliments of the season" printed on cover on raised card. No date on menu.
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Sweet's Hotel Sunday lunch menu, November 16, 1884 Signatures on page 2.
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Le Gourmet Room, dinner menu Red cord at menu spine; artist signature illegible
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Tropicana Hotel, menu Gold cord at menu spine, includes a daily special insert for Tuesday. Menu may be for the Brazilian room.
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Christmas menu, 1884, The Denison Manager's signature is on page 2. "Private billiard room" written in pencil on back cover.
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Eau Claire House menu, Sunday, November 9, 1884
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Washington's birthday menu, Sunday, February 22, 1885, Park Central Hotel Hours of regular meals listed on page 4.
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Christmas menu, 1884, Edgerton House
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Gourmet Room, dinner menu Silver cord at menu spine
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New Year celebration, menu, 1885, St. Nicholas Hotel
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New Waverly menu, Thursday, December 25, 1884
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Menu for complimentary banquet tendered Adrian Commandery, No. 4 by Ann Arbor Commandery, Tuesday, December... Illustration on front cover "726-copyright by Robinson Engraving Co. Boston 1884."
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Alexander's Hotel, menu, December 15, 1884
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The Tremont House, menu, November 2, 1884 Illustration on front cover engraved and painted by E. G. Farmer & Co., Providence, Rhode Island. Signature on back cover, "Compliments of Henry Weaver."
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Sweet's Hotel five o'clock dinner menu, Sunday, January 4, 1885
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Sands Hotel and Casino, Chinese cuisine menu
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Exchange Hotel, menu, Sunday, January 25, 1885
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Sands Hotel and Casino, Thanksgiving dinner menu, November 27, 1958 Menu die-cut in shape of turkey.
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The Garden Room dinner menu, January 7, 1967 Gold cord at menu spine
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Sands Hotel and Casino, beverage list
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Versailles Theatre, dinner menu
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New Year's menu, Hotel Morgan No date on menu.
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Thursday, November 27, 1884, The St. James
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Alexander's Hotel dinner menu, October 12, 1884 Illustration on front cover, Wm. H. Brett Eng. Co., Boston. No. 33
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The Barret House dinner menu, August 10, 1884 Menu folds into a triangle. Time stated on menu, Dinner from 1 to 3 p.m.
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Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Medinah Temple event menu, March 28, 1885, Revere House Nobles of the Mystic Shrine are commonly known as Shriners;
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, 1884, St. Nicholas Hotel Pink cord with tassel at top center of menu.
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Copa Room, dinner menu Danny Thomas performing; Menu indicates that Danny Thomas is the first star to perform in the establishment;
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Revere House, dinner menu, Sunday, January 4, 1885
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Showroom Internationale menu Notice of food cost increase inside menu
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Copa Room, dinner menu August 19th written in pencil on menu, year unknown
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Cascade Terrace, menu
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Christmas menu, Thursday, December 25, 1884, Alexander's Hotel
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Lumbermen's banquet, menu, Wednesday, January 21, 1885, Arcade Hotel
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The Pierson menu, Thursday, February 5, 1885 Illustration on front cover copyright by Robinson Eng. Co. Boston, U.S.A. 1880
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The Barret House menu, Sunday, September 7, 1884 Dining rules and hours for meals on back cover.
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The Bates House, menu, Sunday, November 16, 1884
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Planters' House, dinner menu, Sunday, November 23, 1884
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Menu for the second annual Greenville and Vicinity Pioneer Society banquet, March 6, 1885, Keith's... Proprietor's signature on cover. Illustrations on cover embossed in gold, copper and silver.
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Windsor Hotel, dinner menu, Thursday, November 13, 1884
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The Hollywood Hotels menu, August 27, 1887 Hollywood concert every evening from 6 to 8.
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Hotel Windsor dinner menu, Wednesday, November 26, 1884 Menu includes meal hours.
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Christmas celebration, menu, December 25, 1885, Bowler House
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Christmas dinner menu, 1884, Royal Hawaiian Hotel
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Alexander's Hotel, menu, Sunday, January 18, 1885
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Hotel Emery, menu, Sunday, October 12, 1884 The Emery Hotel was built by Thomas Emery's sons in 1880.
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The Barret House, menu, August 24, 1884 Menu folds into an envelope. Dinner from 1 to 3; the Barret House was built in 1844 by Richard Barret

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