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Clinical Society dinner, menu, October 20, 1892, Continental Restaurant Three-fold menu;
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Meeting at Technical College, menu, December 18, 1884
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Christmas menu, December 25, 1883, Garner House Menu bound with light blue cord; original cord damaged.
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Park Hotel dinner menu, Sunday, December 9, 1883
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The Italian Benevolent Society and the Home for Aged Poor, thirteen annual ball, menu, Thursday,...
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The Royal Society anniversary dinner menu, St. Andrew's day, November 30, 1900, at the Hôtel... Sir William Huggins, K.C.B., presiding.
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National Cyclist Union dinner to commemorate the Union's coming of age, menu, Friday, March 24,... National Cyclists' Union was founded February 16, 1878.
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Montefiore Lodge, ladies' night, event, menu, Wednesday, October 27, 1897, at the Trocadero Restaurant
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Christmas menu, 1883, Lincoln House Illustration on front cover engraved & copyrighted by J. A. Lowell & Co., Boston, 1878.
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Complimentary dinner to J. Moore Bayley, Esq., menu, Thursday, May 11, 1899 at Grand Hotel
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Christmas menu, 1883, Continental Hotel
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Christmas and New Year menu, 1883-1884, The Ballingall Light blue fringe along on border of menu.
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Event for D. Justo S. Lopez Gomara and his friends, menu, May 23, 1888 ,at...
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The Plaza Hotel, Christmas dinner menu, December 25, 1891 Green ribbon in upper left corner of menu cover
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Hotel Continental, menu, Friday, February 19, 1886 "Special Notice" printed on back of menu, describing various services offered by the hotel.
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Menu for La Crosse Club anniversary, Friday evening, December 21, 1883, at Cameron House Back of menu states, Souvenir
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The Italian Benevolent Society and the Home for Aged Poor Fund, ball and supper, menu,... Ball was under the high patronage of His Excellency Baron de Renzis di Montanaro, Ambassador of H. M. the King of Italy; Supper served in the Renaissance, Egyptian and Louis XV Saloons
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St. James Hotel, menu, November 22, 1893
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New Year's Day dinner menu, 1884, The Millard
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The Plaza Hotel, dinner menu, Monday, April 18th, 1892 New York inscribed in pencil on menu cover; burn mark on back of menu
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Bates House dinner menu, Sunday, February 3, 1884 Illustration and text of the nursery rhyme "Rub-a-dub dub, three men in a tub" on cover.
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The Cutlers' Company ladies banquet, menu, Wednesday, July 18, 1900, The Hôtel Métropole, Whitehall Rooms Master: Edward Beaumont
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Brighton Butchers Association, eighth annual banquet, Thursday, March 3, 1898, Royal Pavilion, Banqueting room Chairman: J. S. Port, Esq. Menu tied with red ribbon.
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Langham Hotel menu, Thursday, March 8, 1883 Menu advertises cultural programs in London.
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The Whittington Lodge installation banquet, menu, Monday, November 17, 1902, at the Freemasons' Tavern Menu adorned with ribbons
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Barss House, dinner menu, Sunday, November 27, 1881
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Thanksgiving menu, 1883, Centropolis Hotel
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Langham Hotel menu, Friday, December 29, 1882 Menu advertises cultural programs in London.
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Langham Hotel menu, Tuesday, July 31, 1883 Menu advertises cultural programs in London.
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Regent House, menu, October 5, 1890
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Hudson House, dinner menu, Wednesday, October 17, 1883
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Savoy, supper menu, July 26, 1898 Handwritten menu; embossed silver decoration; shows monogram E R
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Queen Anne's Mansion, menu, January, 26, 1900
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St. James Hotel, lunch menu, November 22, 1893 New York inscribed on menu in pencil
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New Year's Day menu, Tuesday, January 1, 1884, Alexander's Hotel Illustration on front cover copyright by Robinson Eng. Co. Boston, 1881. 253
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House of Savoy Royal Family residence, menu, Monday, February 1, 1886
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Ferry Hill Stud Farm, sale of hackneys, menu, August 4, 1897 Hackney probably refers to a breed of horses which were used to pull hackney carriages, a form of London taxi cab.
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Globe Restaurant wine list, April 1901 Wine list within red leather cover. Telephone no. 5034 Gerrard. Menu has handwritten, H. Bettoni Manager. Back of leather cover has logo for G. H. Mumm & Co., G. de Bary.
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La Touraine, menu
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Musgrave Lodge installation, event, menu, Saturday, March 15, 1890, at Greyhound Hotel Decorated with Masonic emblems
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Savoy Hotel, lunch menu, October 29, 1898 Handwritten menu.
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Dinner in celebration of the marriage of Miss Julia Levy with Mr. Dave Morris, menu,...
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House of Savoy Royal Family residence menu, Friday, April 9, 1886 House of Savoy coat of arms shown on the menu cover.
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La Gascogne steamship, menu
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Grand Hotel d'Europe menu, Monday, November 24, 1884
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Kuhn's Cafe Restaurant wine list No date on wine list. Wine list within a red leather cover with cone-shaped brass studs. Telephone no. 2491 Gerrard.
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Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales banquet, menu, Tuesday, June 3,... Bound with light blue and dark red ribbons. Includes list of Grand Stewards (1901-1902). Includes list of toasts.
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House of Savoy Royal Family residence menu, Sunday, June 5, 1881 House of Savoy coat of arms and the letter A on the cover of the menu.
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Unknown steamship, menu, March 25, 1893 Handwritten menu. Includes wine list with prices. Features photograph of onshore crowd looking at a steamship in port. "Bresil, Plata, Côte Occidentale d'Afrique" below company name.
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Noble family residence, dinner menu, May 14, 1880 Monogram beneath crown on side of menu. Handwritten note on back pertaining to le duc Ernest II de Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha.

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