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Hotel Cecil menu, Thursday, June 5, 1902 Gurkha Brigade is prominently printed at the top of the menu
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The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (43rd and 52nd) event, menu, Friday, June 20, 1902,...
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Arcade Hotel, menu, February 1, 1885
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New Year's Day menu, January 1, 1885, Arcade Hotel
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The Bates House menu, Sunday, November 2, 1884
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Claridge's Hotel, menu, December 22, 1898 Handwritten menu by Edouard Nignon, Maitre Chef de Cuisine from 1894 -1901.
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Grand Hôtel Louvre & Paix, menu, May 20, 1882 Menu partially handwritten;
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The Tremont, menu, October 12, 1884 Compliments of Henry Weaver Supt. is handwritten at bottom right corner of menu. Corners of menu are rounded.
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Phoenix Hotel, menu, Sunday, August 31, 1884
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New Year Eve, Pythian Club Masquerade event, menu, December 31, 1884, at Thornburgh House
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The Phoenix menu, Sunday, November 16 No year on menu.
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Grand opening of the Hotel Mitchell, invitation, Thursday, January 1, 1885
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Arcade Hotel menu, November 16, 1884
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St. Vrain, menu, August 3, 1884 Unknown if this is from the St. Vrain Hotel, located in Longmont, Colorado, or a location on St. Vrain Street in Colorado Springs. The proprietor is the same as that of The Antlers in Colorado Springs. Time on menu, 12:00...
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The Article Club, event, menu, January 4, 1899, at Trocadero Restaurant
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Hotel Orleans, menu, Sunday, July 20, 1884
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Christmas menu, 1884, The Northern The Northern Hotel is commonly known as "The Northern."
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Clifton House menu, July 4, 1884
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The Phoenix menu, Sunday, October 12, 1884
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Grand Hôtel du Louvre, menu, November 8, 1876
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Thanksgiving menu, 1884, National House
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New Year's Eve 1913-14, menu, The Seelbach Menu is composed of triptych of linen panels printed with herons flying over waves, in the style of a Japanese screen; each section is framed with maroon fabric-wrapped wire and sections are tied together with string.
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New Year's Eve 1908, menu, Hotel Jefferson Illustration of church bell and birds. Poem at top of menu bidding goodbye to 1908 and welcoming 1909.
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Teegarden Hotel Easter menu No date on menu.
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Christmas menu, 1884, Beebe House
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Thanksgiving menu, November 29, 1894, The Ebbitt House Embossed with gold turkey. Printing company name embossed at bottom right of menu.
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New Year's Eve 1908, menu, The Albany Illustration of "Father Time" in cloak, holding a scythe, passing a plate with bubbles to a cherub who is blowing bubbles from a pipe. "1908" and "1909" appear on two of the bubbles. Full hourglass also shown. Short poem...
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Hotel Savoy, Grill Room, menu (undated)
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Romano's, menu, September 8, 1896 Handwritten menu;
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New Deming Hotel, Christmas dinner menu, December 25, 1882
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Dunlap House, Easter menu, April 13, 1884 Image on cover is surrounded by a pink fringe
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Hotel Sahara, wine list, circa 1960s Die-cut.
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Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Harrison, event, menu, Saturday, February 25, 1899, at Trocadero Restaurant,...
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Gianni Russo's State St. late night menu, circa 1980s "Served after midnight"--cover.
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Café Roma, menu, 1979 Inlcudes wine list and "Chef's Luncheon Suggestions" insert. Cover has illustration of the Capitoline Wolf.
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Gianni Russo's State St., menu, circa 1980s
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Trocadero Restaurant, menu, Tuesday, February 7, 1899
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The Monico International Hall, menu, March 3, 1895 The back cover shows the name of Eleanor F. Whitlock and the years 1874 and 1895. It is possible that it refers to her 21st birthday.
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Menu for the celebration of Ugo Biondi's 100th performance at Tivoli Music Hall, Wednesday, May...
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The Piccadilly Restaurant, menu, 1886 Partly handwritten menu;
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Surrey Magistrate's Club, event, menu, June 11, 1895, at Café Royal Decorated with embossed rose design
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Annual staff dinner, menu, Saturday, February 4, 1899, at Trocadero Restaurant Handwritten menu; cover with gilt scalloped borders, gilt emblem; drawings on the borders; the menu does not explicitly state for whom the staff works.
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The Anglo-Saxon Club, event, menu, November 28, 1899, at the Trocadero Restaurant
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Mrs. Romano's birthday party, menu, February 14, 1897, at Romano's restaurant Includes wine list; embossed gilt decorations;
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First anniversary of the reopening of Romano's restaurant, menu, April 30, 1896 Last page contains a monogram of the proprietor, A. Romano. Cover illustration contains a sunrise with the word "Salve."
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Circus Maximus, wine list;
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Lindell Hotel, menu, March 19, 1882 In small print at the bottom of cover "163-Copyright by Robinson Eng. Co., Boston, 1881."
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Lindell Hotel, menu, April 2, 1882
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Chapin House, dinner menu, June 11, 1876
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Lindell Hotel, menu, May 6, 1883

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