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Private home, menu, July 21 No year on menu. At one point in time this location was the residence of Baron de Reuter. Border, resembling lace, die-cut to follow shape of decorative embossing.
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Greyhound Hotel, menu, Monday, May 19, 1890
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Hôtel Métropole, lunch menu, October 17, 1885
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The Grand Hotel, dinner menu, March 2, 1886
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Prince Rupert Tavern, menu, Friday, February 15, 1901
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Monongahela House, menu, Sunday, April 27, 1884
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Fourth Hussars regimental dinner, menu, Tuesday, June 3, 1902
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Private home party in London, menu, July 11, 1892 According to the 1891 and 1897 London Library Catalog records, Lady de Gray was resident at the address shown on the menu -- 12, Bruton Street.
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City Imperial Volunteers, Officers mess, menu, Friday, June 6, 1902
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Grand Hôtel du Louvre, menu, December 16, 1875
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Unknown restaurant, lunch menu, October 7, 1896 Menu has photographs of Tsar Nicolas II and his wife, Alexandra. It also has white, blue and red ribbon.
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Palais Royal dinner menu, May 1, 1903 Palais Royal, Paris is written in bottom left corner and there is an illegible signature in bottom right corner.
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Palais Royal lunch menu, May 2, 1903 Palais Royal, Paris is written in bottom left corner and there is an illegible signature in bottom right corner.
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Restaurant P. Cubat menu, Feburary 14, 1895 Menu is handwritten. Illustration is of Venus in a shell with a cherub on either side.
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Military event, menu, Thursday, June 19, 1902, at Hotel Cecil The Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College emblem has the same elements showed in the emblem on the menu.
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Restaurant P. Cubat menu, Feburary 5, 1895 Handwritten menu, figures in the illustration are embossed. "A. Boutillier. Gr. Paris. Modèle Dèposè" printed at bottom of illustration. The wine list is at the bottom.
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Arcade Hotel, menu, February 1, 1885
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The Bates House menu, Sunday, November 2, 1884
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Thanksgiving menu, 1884, Briggs House
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Phoenix Hotel, menu, Sunday, August 31, 1884
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Arcade Hotel menu, December 21, 1884
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Arcade Hotel menu, November 16, 1884
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Arcade Hotel menu, November 30, 1884
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Arcade Hotel Sunday dinner menu, November 9, 1884
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Hotel Orleans, menu, Sunday, July 20, 1884
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Christmas menu, 1884, The Northern The Northern Hotel is commonly known as "The Northern."
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Galt House dinner menu, Sunday, February 15, 1885
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Clifton House menu, July 4, 1884
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The Phoenix menu, Sunday, October 12, 1884
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Grand Hôtel du Louvre, menu, November 8, 1876
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Pacific House menu, Sunday, July 20, 1884
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Thanksgiving menu, 1884, National House
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Crawford House dinner menu, October 5, 1884
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Arcade Hotel menu, January 25, 1885
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Thanksgiving menu, unknown restaurant No date. John J. Grier was the manager of restaurants on the Rock Island Railroad line, which had a station at El Reno, Oklahoma. Illustration at top of menu shows a young boy holding a spoon, saying to two turkeys,...
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New Year's Eve 1913-14, menu, The Seelbach Menu is composed of triptych of linen panels printed with herons flying over waves, in the style of a Japanese screen; each section is framed with maroon fabric-wrapped wire and sections are tied together with string.
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Don the Beachcomber souvenir menu, 1967
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Thanksgiving dinner, November 16, 1908, menu, Forest City House
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Windsor Hotel, 1908
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Christmas menu, 1884, Beebe House
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Thanksgiving menu, November 29, 1894, The Ebbitt House Embossed with gold turkey. Printing company name embossed at bottom right of menu.
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Galt House, luncheon menu, Sunday, February 22, 1885
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Hotel Savoy, Grill Room, menu (undated)
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Grand Pacific Hotel, 34th annual game dinner menu, Saturday, November 23, 1889
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Sands Hotel, "Hooray For Hollywood" 22nd anniversary party menu, circa 1974 The Sands opened on December 15, 1952, so its 22nd anniversary may have been celebrated in late 1974 or early 1975. Menu opens up like a clapper board.
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Western Australian dinner, menu, Thursday, June 7, 1900 Raised gilt emblem (Western Australia); menu adorned with ribbons; Chairman: Sir Edward Wittenoom, K.C.M.G.;
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Trocadero Restaurant, menu, Tuesday, February 7, 1899
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The Monico International Hall, menu, March 3, 1895 The back cover shows the name of Eleanor F. Whitlock and the years 1874 and 1895. It is possible that it refers to her 21st birthday.
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First anniversary of the reopening of Romano's restaurant, menu, April 30, 1896 Last page contains a monogram of the proprietor, A. Romano. Cover illustration contains a sunrise with the word "Salve."
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Galt House, menu, Wednesday, May 9, 1883

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