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Café Royal, menu, May 29, 1901 Adorned with pink and navy blue ribbons on cover; cover has scalloped edges. Emblem of the Charterhouse School (originally The Hospital of King James and Thomas Sutton in Charterhouse), with its motto "Deo Dante Dedi," at upper left of cover....
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Gourmet Room, dinner menu Silver cord at menu spine
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New Year celebration, menu, 1885, St. Nicholas Hotel
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New Waverly menu, Thursday, December 25, 1884
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Savage Club ladies' night, dinner, Saturday, May 31, 1902, at Hotel Cecil Three fold menu. Illustration signed W. D. Almond.
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United States Hotel. dinner menu, Saturday, September 20, 1884 Menu includes a notice from the proprietor. Illustration on front cover, 635 copyright by Robinson Engraving Co., Boston 1883.
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Menu for complimentary banquet tendered Adrian Commandery, No. 4 by Ann Arbor Commandery, Tuesday, December... Illustration on front cover "726-copyright by Robinson Engraving Co. Boston 1884."
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Alexander's Hotel, menu, December 15, 1884
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The Tremont House, menu, November 2, 1884 Illustration on front cover engraved and painted by E. G. Farmer & Co., Providence, Rhode Island. Signature on back cover, "Compliments of Henry Weaver."
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Sweet's Hotel five o'clock dinner menu, Sunday, January 4, 1885
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Sands Hotel and Casino, Chinese cuisine menu
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Exchange Hotel, menu, Sunday, January 25, 1885
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United States Hotel Sunday five o'clock dinner, Sunday, February 8, 1885
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Grand Hotel Terminus menu Menu is printed in English and French. Pages are tabbed.
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Sands Hotel and Casino, Thanksgiving dinner menu, November 27, 1958 Menu die-cut in shape of turkey.
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The Garden Room dinner menu, January 7, 1967 Gold cord at menu spine
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Sands Hotel and Casino, beverage list
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Versailles Theatre, dinner menu
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New Year's menu, Hotel Morgan No date on menu.
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The St. Clement Dane's Church Grand Stand menu Lists various prices for complete meals and has an a la carte menu for specific orders. The Grand stand is at the top of the menu cover, with supplied by Mr. Jean Kohl, manager. The Horns hotel & restaurant at...
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Thursday, November 27, 1884, The St. James
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Menu for complimentary and farewell dinner for Ruggero Pratti, Esq., October 26, 1897, at Café...
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Alexander's Hotel dinner menu, October 12, 1884 Illustration on front cover, Wm. H. Brett Eng. Co., Boston. No. 33
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The Barret House dinner menu, August 10, 1884 Menu folds into a triangle. Time stated on menu, Dinner from 1 to 3 p.m.
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Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Medinah Temple event menu, March 28, 1885, Revere House Nobles of the Mystic Shrine are commonly known as Shriners;
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, 1884, St. Nicholas Hotel Pink cord with tassel at top center of menu.
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Copa Room, dinner menu Danny Thomas performing; Menu indicates that Danny Thomas is the first star to perform in the establishment;
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Revere House, dinner menu, Sunday, January 4, 1885
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Showroom Internationale menu Notice of food cost increase inside menu
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Copa Room, dinner menu August 19th written in pencil on menu, year unknown
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Cascade Terrace, menu
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Christmas menu, Thursday, December 25, 1884, Alexander's Hotel
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Lumbermen's banquet, menu, Wednesday, January 21, 1885, Arcade Hotel
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The Pierson menu, Thursday, February 5, 1885 Illustration on front cover copyright by Robinson Eng. Co. Boston, U.S.A. 1880
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The Barret House menu, Sunday, September 7, 1884 Dining rules and hours for meals on back cover.
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The Bates House, menu, Sunday, November 16, 1884
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Planters' House, dinner menu, Sunday, November 23, 1884
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R.M.S. Oregon steamship, menu, August 4 No year given.
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Kuhn's Restaurant, menu Handwritten menu. Illustration of woman in 18th century costume on cover.
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Menu for the second annual Greenville and Vicinity Pioneer Society banquet, March 6, 1885, Keith's... Proprietor's signature on cover. Illustrations on cover embossed in gold, copper and silver.
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Menu for the first anniversary banquet of the British Realm, 1899, Princes Restaurant Presiding Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Dilke, Bart., M. P.
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Windsor Hotel, dinner menu, Thursday, November 13, 1884
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Fraternal lodge organization, event, menu, 1896, at The Portland Front cover is die-cut to resemble the fold of a handkerchief or napkin. Hotel name given as "The Portland, Greenwich" on back cover. Includes toast list. Back cover damaged; information about the fraternal lodge is partially illegible; may read "New...
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The Hollywood Hotels menu, August 27, 1887 Hollywood concert every evening from 6 to 8.
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Menu for the Star Life Assurance Society staff dinner, Wednesday, March 11, 1903, Café Monico Cord and tassel on side of menu.
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Hotel Windsor dinner menu, Wednesday, November 26, 1884 Menu includes meal hours.
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Christmas celebration, menu, December 25, 1885, Bowler House
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Christmas dinner menu, 1884, Royal Hawaiian Hotel
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Alexander's Hotel, menu, Sunday, January 18, 1885
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Menu for the Black Watch Regimental dinner, Friday, June 9, 1899, The Monico Egyptian saloon Menu by suggestion of Sir Randolph Stewart

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