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Christmas dinner menu, St. James No date on menu.
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New Year's menu, Michigan Exchange Hotel Illustration copyrighted 1883 and published by Baldwin & Gleason New York, A-204
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Florence Hotel dinner menu, Sunday, October 5 No year on menu. Illustration on front cover engraved by John A. Lowell & Co. Boston, U.S.A. 52A.
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Gam's restaurant menu, October 27 Front and back covers have a wood grain background. Date is from the insert with dinner specials.
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New Year's menu, unknown restaurant Menu folds into its own enevelope. "Wishing you a happy New Year" printed on the "flaps;" "G.J. Cross" stamped on the back of the menu. Possibly from Barss House in Peru, Indiana, where G.J. Cross was the proprietor.
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The Seelbach, New Year's Eve dinner No date; pink ribbon at menu spine
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Fourth of July menu, Hotel Worth No year on menu.
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Fourth of July menu, Grand Hotel No year on menu; red, silver, and blue ribbons at menu spine;
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Thanksgiving menu, Hotel Metropole Ivory ribbon at spine; no date listed
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Fourth of July menu, Howland Hotel No year listed; Menu printed on envelope; red, white, and blue ribbon threaded through back flap of envelope.
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Don the Beachcomber dinner menu Possible date near printer's name, 2/78.
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The Overland, menu Cover has illustration showing height of "proposed Boulder Canyon Dam" in Black Canyon on the Colorado River, as compared to the Woolworth Building in New York City. Back cover has "Some Interesting Facts About Las Vegas, Nevada," including information about...
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Hotel Rector, wine list Bound with olive green string.
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Unknown railroad company, Dixie Flyer Dining Car, breakfast menu Includes handwritten daily specials insert dated March 2nd (no year). Includes photographs of The Custom House, Nashville, Tenn., L & N Station, Evansville, Ind., downtown Atlanta, Ga., and Moccasin Bend (Tennessee).
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N. & G. Ohmer's Railroad Basket Lunch Service, menu Notices to patrons on page 4.
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Thanksgiving, menu, Grand Hotel Cover features an illustration of a man wearing a chef's hat and apron reading a Thanksgiving proclamation to a group of turkeys, while holding an axe behind his back.
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Murray's, menu Murray's Roman Gardens was created by John L. Murray, designed by architect Henry L. Erkins and opened in late 1908.
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Hôtel Continental, menu Lithographers imprint has date of 1885. Coat of arms with white cross on red background at top of menu. Features illustration of woman holding an olive branch, standing in front of a long Italian flag with several coats of arms...
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Marguery, menu Menu divided into untitled categories; includes prices.
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Anniversary celebration, menu, Amphitryon Club Menu is printed on fabric (possibly silk).
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Event sponsored by the Argentinian press for the Brazilian press, menu "G. Kraft, Buenos Aires" at bottom left of menu.
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Paxton, menu
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Stanton House breakfast menu Hours of meals on menu.
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The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths, event, menu, Trocadero Restaurant Prime Warden: Rev. Alfred Marshall, M.A.
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La Touraine steamship, dinner menu "Cie Gle Transatlantique" at top of menu; features photograph titled "Constantine; Cascade du Rumel."
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Romano's Restaurant, menu Menu partially handwritten; decorated with gilt letters and borders;
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Cercle Amphitrion, menu Handwritten menu;
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Thanksgiving menu, Park Central Hotel No date on menu.
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Unknown restaurant, dinner menu, May 26 Handwritten menu; Motto printed on the emblem: "Per crucem ad palman" [By the Cross to the palm. Lords Palmer, Palmer of Reading, Bt.]
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Unknown restaurant, Wednesday dinner, menu Dinner "served every Wednesday, from 6 untill 8:30;" the date of the menu is unknown. "C G & S" at bottom left of menu.
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St. Charles Hotel breakfast menu
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Restaurant Riche, menu Menu is handwritten.
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Arlington, supper menu Hours for meals listed on menu.
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Hôtel d'Angleterre, dinner menu The Grand Hotel d'Angleterre was built in the 19th century across from Syntagma Square, Athens; it was demolished after World War II; the menu does not indicate the hotel location but "Athens Greece" is handwritten on the menu; Emblems...
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Grand Hôtel du Quirinal menu, October 16 Handwritten menu
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Christmas menu, The Sherman No date on menu.
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Unknown restaurant, menu Handwritten menu. The initials O.P.W.F. are shown at the bottom of the illustration.
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The Arlington, breakfast menu Menu is signed in the top right corner. Hours for meals listed on menu.
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Unknown restaurant, menu Handwritten menu
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The Grand Union breakfast menu No date on menu. Includes list of hours for meals.
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Cercle Amphitrion, menu Handwritten menu;
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Sheen House Club menu The Sheen House Club was the home of the Amateur Cycling Association. No date on menu. Handwritten menu. East Sheen S.W.
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Sheen House Club, menu The Sheen House Club was the home of the Amateur Cycling Association. East Sheen S.W.
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Unknown restaurant, menu, November 12 Handwritten menu; picture of a woman in Tudor costume sitting at a table with a spoon in her hand and a tureen of soup on the table; name of the picture: "Potage Maria Stuart" (i.e., Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots)....
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Adelphi Hotel, menu, February 19 There was an Adelphi Hotel in Sheffield, England, in the 19th century; the menu does not show a complete date, the year is missing.
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Private home, menu, July 21 No year on menu. At one point in time this location was the residence of Baron de Reuter. Border, resembling lace, die-cut to follow shape of decorative embossing.
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Unknown restaurant, menu Handwritten menu; title of the drawing is "Consommé Diana," a play upon the name of the soup and the hunting goddess Diana, depicted here, with her dog, serving a dish of hot consomme. Artist's name is possibly Ugo Bizzarri.
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Grand Hotel Terminus menu No date on menu.
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Alexandra Hotel dinner menu, February 5 Menu handwritten. No year on menu.
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Unknown restaurant, menu No date on menu. Handwriting in bottom right corner.

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