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Christmas menu, 1883, Seventh Avenue Hotel Illustrations on front and back of menu, engraved by John A. Lowell & Co., Boston, U.S.A.
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, 1883, Lagonda House Color illustration on front cover
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Unknown restaurant, dinner menu, Wednesday, October 31, 1883 Stated at bottom of menu: Telephone, Telegraph Service and Telegraphic Communication at Office. Corkage 50 cents a bottle.
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Alvord Hotel menu, July 4, 1883
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Lagonda House dinner menu, May 27, 1883 Illustration on front cover of menu, engraved and copyrighted by A.W. Robinson, Boston Mass. 1880
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Christmas dinner menu, Tuesday, December 25, 1883, The Morgan
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, 1883, Northwestern Hotel

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