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The Piazza breakfast menu
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Taverne Rheingau menu No date on menu. Menu partly handwritten
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Café Royal, menu, June 14, 1899 The illustrator was a well-known artist, Georges Pilotelle, who started his career as a contributor to Le Charivari and Le Vie Parisienne. In London, he transitioned into a career in fashion in which he designed and draw costumes and women...
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Freemasons' Tavern menu, February 17, 1903 Menu is a combination of printed and handwritten items. Front and back covers are filled with advertisements.
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Hotel Cecil menu, June 18, 1902
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Hotel Cecil menu, June 1902
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The Monico menu, March 1903, Renaissance Saloon
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Hotel Cecil restaurant menu
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Savoy Hotel and Restaurant menu Menu has tabbed pages
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The Palmerston Restaurant menu, Wednesday, May 14, 1902, Parisian Dining Rooms Advertisements are printed on back cover and around menu. "Company" is abbreviated "Coy." on cover.
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The Piazza, dinner menu
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The Palmerston restaurant, luncheon room menu Menu is chiefly printed, with some selections stamped and other handwritten. Back cover has advertisements for various rooms in the restaurant and goods they sell. "Company" is abbreviated "Coy." on cover.
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Theatre Restaurant, dinner menu
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Grand Hôtel de Londres, menu, October 11, 1903 Menu partially handwritten.
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Brazilian Room, lunch and dinner menu
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Snack bar menu, Sands Hotel and Casino
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Cafe Noir, breakfast menu Cover illustration signed "Emily Syminton '60."
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Café Restaurant de Paris, supper menu, December 14, 1886 Handwritten menu;
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Restaurant Bertrand, alcoholic beverages lists "Maison Bertrand"--p. 3. "Propre. Hub. Gilissen-Herincx, fournisseur attitré de S.M. le Roi des Belges et de S.A.R. Mr. le Prince Albert"--cover. "Ste. Anversoise de Cartonnages & Biseautages (Ste. Ame.)"--bottom of page 3. Notes and prices handwritten on various pages;...
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Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889, Restaurant Russe, menu Handwritten menu; parts of the menu are illegible;
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Restaurant du Grand Hôtel Terminus, lunch menu, March 5 Menu cover provides detailed information about the hotel. Menu partially handwritten.
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Tropicana Hotel, Folies Bergere Theatre Restaurant, dinner menu, 1981 Includes wine list.
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Throgmorton menu, Wednesday, July 2, 1902 Back cover is covered with advertisements for drinks. Includes handwritten insert listing Indian curry specials. Menu includes preparation times for items. Around menu edges are notices about obtaining theatre tickets, at the bottom is an advertisement for the Trocadero
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Winchester House Grill and Joint Room, menu, July 16, 1902 Menu is a combination of printed and handwritten items, with many items crossed out. Front and back covers are mainly advertisements. Inside of menu contains references to specific brands of food products. Illustrations the Empire Hotel in Lowestoft, England on...
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Versailles Room, dinner menu Includes wine list. Photograph of Engelbert Humperdinck in concert on cover.
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Café Savarin, menu, April 15, 1892
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Cafe Monico menu, Feburary 19, 1903 Advertisements on back cover and around the edges of the menu. Insert lists Indian curries as a special on Mondays and Thursdays
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Sands Hotel and Casino, wine list
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Restaurant Paillard, lunch menu, 1888 Handwritten menu; year of the menu was handwritten at the top of the menu;
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Landmark Theatre, dinner menu
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El Patio, dinner menu
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Showroom Internationale menu
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Le Gourmet Room, dinner menu Red cord at menu spine; artist signature illegible
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Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889, Gruber & Cie. menu, May 25, 1889 Menu partially handwritten;
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Tropicana Hotel, menu Gold cord at menu spine, includes a daily special insert for Tuesday. Menu may be for the Brazilian room.
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Gourmet Room, dinner menu Silver cord at menu spine
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Sands Hotel and Casino, Chinese cuisine menu
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Grand Hotel Terminus menu Menu is printed in English and French. Pages are tabbed.
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Sands Hotel and Casino, Thanksgiving dinner menu, November 27, 1958 Menu die-cut in shape of turkey.
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The Garden Room dinner menu, January 7, 1967 Gold cord at menu spine
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Sands Hotel and Casino, beverage list
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Versailles Theatre, dinner menu
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Rocher des Cancales menu "Rocher des Cancales, Anvers" is written in pencil on the cover. Some prices and items have been inked in. Menu pages are tabbed.
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Copa Room, dinner menu Danny Thomas performing; Menu indicates that Danny Thomas is the first star to perform in the establishment;
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Showroom Internationale menu Notice of food cost increase inside menu
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Café Restaurant de Paris, lunch menu, November 22, 1888 Coat of arms of the city of Paris, France at top of menu. "Marius Boyer, 39. Av. de l'Opera" printed beneath illustration on front. "La Maison est ouverte toute la nuit."
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Copa Room, dinner menu August 19th written in pencil on menu, year unknown
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Cascade Terrace, menu
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The Hollywood Hotels menu, August 27, 1887 Hollywood concert every evening from 6 to 8.
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Copa Room, dinner menu Show featurning Robert Goulet

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