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Christmas dinner menu, 1883, Grand Hotel
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The Avenue Hotel dinner menu, Tuesday, December 25, 1883
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Copa Room, dinner menu
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Savoy Restaurant menu, November 9, 1898
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, Congo Room No date or location on menu.
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Thanksgiving dinner, November 16, 1908, menu, Forest City House
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Hotel Last Frontier, dinner menu, November 20, 1943 "All prices listed are at or below our ceiling prices. By O.P.A. [Office of Price Administration] regulation our ceilings are our highest prices from April 4, 1943 to April 10, 1943. Records of these prices are available for your inspection."...
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Hacienda menu No date on menu. 7/67 and MA 4-7631 printed at bottom of menu.
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Christmas dinner menu, Sahara No date or location on menu.
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Thanksgiving menu, November 29, 1894, The Ebbitt House Embossed with gold turkey. Printing company name embossed at bottom right of menu.
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Lent dinner menu for the Galt House, March 2, 1884 The first Sunday in Lent occurs after Ash Wednesday. In 1884, March 2 was the first Sunday after Ash Wednesday.
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Kirby House, Christmas dinner menu, Monday, December 25, 1882 Peacock feather and ribbon attached to the front of the menu
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Revere House, Christmas menu, Thursday, December 25, 1884 Cover of menu has pink fringe. Menu is bound by a pink tassled cord.
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Christmas dinner menu for the Madison Hotel, December 25, 1883 Menu is a postcard that had mailed out; handwriting and postage stamp on back
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Headquarters Hotel, menu, Sunday, March 30, 1884 Graphic on cover of menu has blue fringe around it
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Christman dinner menu for the Williams House Hotel, December 25, 1884 Menu printed on overleaf and tied to card with a ribbon
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The Pierson, supper menu, Thursday, March 26, 1885 Image of the Pierson Hotel on the back of the menu
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New Deming Hotel, Christmas dinner menu, December 25, 1882
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Menu for the Blodgett House, Sunday, June 29, 1902 Photograph glued to front of menu. Menu opens upwards. Bottom of menu has torn effect.
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Beckel House, dinner menu, Sunday, March 30, 1884
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Townsend House, menu, July 4, 1884 Embossed image on cover of menu
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Grand Pacific Hotel, 34th annual game dinner menu, Saturday, November 23, 1889
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The Revere, Thanksgiving dinner menu, Sunday, November 30, 1884 Image of the Revere House on the back of the menu
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Hudson House, dinner menu, Sunday, March 16, 1884 Menu is die-cut
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Menu and wine list for the Versailles Room at the Riviera, circa early-mid 1970s Photograph of Liza Minelli on the cover; wine list also included
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Hotel del Coronado, Japanese Hotelmen's delegation, breakfast menu, March 21, 1929 Menu is bound by a red ribbon. Photograph of the Hotel del Coronado is attached to the menu cover.
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Menu/postcard for the Chesapeake and Ohio Lines dining car, circa 1915 Menu includes a detachable picture postcard with the text, "Fortress Monroe, Adjoins Hotel Chamberlin." Noted on menu: "Table Waters from the Healing Springs of Virginia. Virginia Hot Springs."A listing of "Interesting Quotations" are featured on the back of the menu.
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Silver Slipper Restaurant menu, circa early 1950s Postcard style menu.
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The Algiers Hotel menu, circa 1958 Coffee shop and bar
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Crown Room dinner menu, Royal Nevada Hotel, circa 1958 Includes advertisement for the Cotton Club Review starring Cab Calloway.
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El Cortez Hotel restaurant menu, circa 1950s Postcard style menu.
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Thunderbird Hotel dinner menu, circa 1958 Postcard style menu.
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Congo Room menu and wine list, June 23, 1957
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Stardust Convention Center, suggested menus, circa 1960
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Golden Nugget Restaurant dinner menu, circa late 1960s
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Play It Again Sam, menu, circa 1980s
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Lucky Louie's, menu, circa 1970s-1980s Includes wine list.
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Holiday Casino Restaurant & Buffet, menu, 1981 Die-cut cover.
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Unknown restaurant, Hotel Nevada & Casino, menu, circa 1979 "In downtown Las Vegas" printed on cover. "VC Menus - Eastland, Texas 6-79" in lower right corner of page 3.
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Café Roma, menu, 1979 Inlcudes wine list and "Chef's Luncheon Suggestions" insert. Cover has illustration of the Capitoline Wolf.
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Stardust Employee's Menu, circa 1980s "FB-342" in lower left corner of back cover.
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El Cortez Coffee Shop menu, circa 1970s Includes daily specials inserts.
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Commercial Deli, menu, circa 1970s-1980s "Host--Abe; Hostess--Ann" and "In the heart of Commercial Center" printed on cover.
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Hard Hat Deli, menu, circa 1980s
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Galley Restaurant, menu, circa 1985
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Caesars Palace, pool service menu
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Plankinton House dinner menu, November 23, 1879 Illustration on front cover engraved and copyrighted by J.A. Lowell & Co. Boston, 1878, no. 36. Monogram of restaurant on back cover.
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Cameron House, menu, Sunday, July 22, 1883
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American House dinner menu, Tuesday, August 1, 1882 Signature of J. D. Costello, Steward is at bottom of page 3.
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American House dinner menu, Tuesday, August 1, 1882

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