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Sweet's Hotel five o'clock dinner menu, Sunday, February 8, 1885
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Menu for the annual banquet of the Chicago Canoe Club, 1885, Matteson House Triangle-shaped menu unfolds into a diamond.
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Christmas dinner menu, The White House No year on menu.
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New Year's Day dinner menu, January 1, 1885, The Tremont House Illustration on front cover engraved and printed by E.G. Farmer & Co., Providence, Rhode Island
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Thanksgiving menu, Michigan Central Railroad dining car No date on meu. Menu states, Car St. Thomas. Illustration on back cover is copyrighted "Rand McNally Co."
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Christmas dinner menu, St. James No date on menu.
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The Barret House dinner menu, Sunday, August 24, 1884 Menu folds into an envelope. Dinner from 1 to 3. Handwritten on front of envelope, Compliments of C. H. Harper; the Barret House was built in 1844 by Richard Barret
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Thanksgiving dinner menu, November 27, 1884, The Paxton Hours for meals listed on menu.
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New Year's menu, Michigan Exchange Hotel Illustration copyrighted 1883 and published by Baldwin & Gleason New York, A-204
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Hotel Palace dinner menu, Sunday, February 15, 1885 Handwritten note on back of menu by Fred C. Bloomer, steward.
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Windsor Hotel, dinner menu, Sunday, December 21, 1884
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Christmas dinner menu, 1884, Revere House
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Florence Hotel dinner menu, Sunday, October 5 No year on menu. Illustration on front cover engraved by John A. Lowell & Co. Boston, U.S.A. 52A.
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Race Brothers Oyster House and Cafe dinner menu, Saturday, February 28, 1885 Hours listed on menu, from 11:30-2:30 p. m.
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The St. James menu, Sunday, September 28, 1884 Illustration engraved by John A. Lowell & Co., Boston, U.S.A. No. 20
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The Tremont Hotel, dinner menu, Sunday, October 5, 1884 Illustration on front cover titled, The Obelisk in Central Park, N.Y., engraved and copyrighted by Farmer, Livermore, & Co. Prov. R.I. 1881. Handwritten on cover, "Compliments of Henry Weaver."
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Christmas menu, Thursday, December 25, 1884, United States Hotel Notice from proprietor on page 3 of menu. Hours for meals and dining information on back cover.
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Edgerton House dinner menu, Thursday, January 22, 1885 Rate of board $2.00 per day.
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George Washington's birthday, menu, Sunday, February 22, 1891 at the Portland Portrait of George Washington on the cover. Menu is tied together with red, white, and blue ribbon. Page 2 includes illustration of "Geo. Washington's sword, camp goblet & Franklin's staff."
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Hotel Vendome dinner menu, Wednesday, February 14, 1923
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Celebration of the 183rd anniversary of Benjamin Franklin by the Typothetae of Chicago, dinner menu,... Portrait of Benjamin Franklin on the cover
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Chittenden menu, Thursday, February 12, 1903 Front cover has a portrait of Abraham Lincoln
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Great Northern Hotel luncheon menu, Wednesday, February 10, 1909 Embossed portrait of Lincoln on the cover. Quotations from Lincoln are printed throughout the menu. Lyrics from several patriotic songs are also included. The address "The message of Abraham Lincoln to our generation" was given by Rev. Frank G. Smith.
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New Year's menu, unknown restaurant Menu folds into its own enevelope. "Wishing you a happy New Year" printed on the "flaps;" "G.J. Cross" stamped on the back of the menu. Possibly from Barss House in Peru, Indiana, where G.J. Cross was the proprietor.
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Hotel Vendome dinner menu, Saturday, February 12, 1921 Portrait of Lincoln on the back is copyrighted 1910 by John A. Lowell, Bank note co.
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Hotel Vendome dinner menu, Monday, February 12, 1923 Embossed portrait of Abraham Lincoln on the back. At the bottom of the menu is information about entertainment at the hotel.
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Banquet celebrating Lincoln's 100th birthday, menu, February 12, 1909 at the Illinois State Armory in... Includes an article about the event from the Chicago Examiner.
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Sherman House menu, Monday evening, January 8, 1906 Menu is tied with faded green ribbon and has a portrait of Andrew Jackson
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Fourth of July menu, 1896, The Windsor "W. J. Renard" printed on back of menu. Hours for meals listed on menu.
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Hotel Cadillac Easter Sunday menu, April 23, 1905 Illustration on cover copyright 1900 by Detroit Photographic Co.
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Hotel Warner, New Year's Eve dinner menu, 1912 Burgundy ribbon at menu spine
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St. Nicholas Hotel, New Year's dinner menu, 1914 Red string at menu spine. Holly embossed on cover.
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Indianapolis Athletic Club, New Year's Eve Celebration, dinner menu, 1928-1929 Theme of the evening is "The Port of Missing Men;" menu sections are titled "The Tavern," "The Dolls' House" and "The Pirates' Den." Includes poem titled "The 'Doll's House' Party" and concert program.
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Congress Hotel and Annex, New Year's Eve dinner menu, 1924
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Grand Hotel Easter dinner menu, Sunday, April 17, 1892
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Hotel Normandie Easter dinner menu, April 2, 1899 Dinner 6 to 8.
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New Year's dinner menu, 1913, The Busby Brown cord at menu spine; artist name illegible
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The Sloane Easter dinner menu, 1892
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Fourth of July menu, 1890, Mountain Park Hotel
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Grand Pacific Hotel Easter dinner menu, 1912 Cord with tassel at spine of menu.
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New Year's Eve dinner, December 31, 1913, Chittenden Hotel Menu also marks hotel's transition from operating on an American plan to operating on a European plan
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Wayne Hotel Easter Sunday menu, April 17, 1892 Menu bound with red and gold ribbons; ribbons threaded through cuts in cover to blend in with illustration of ribbon and pansies on cover. Menu has deckled edges.
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Fourth of July menu, July 4, 1890, The Coates Coat of arms with motto "Est voluntas Dei" and a greyhound and primroses (the Coates family crest) at top left of cover. "Table water from Bethsaida Springs."
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The Maxwell Easter Sunday luncheon menu, March 25, 1894
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The Seelbach, New Year's Eve dinner No date; pink ribbon at menu spine
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Claypool Hotel, New Year's Eve dinner menu, 1913
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Plankinton House, New Year's Eve dinner, 1913 White ribbon at menu spine
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Clarendon Hotel Easter menu, 1892 Menu has a cord with tassel.
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Fourth of July breakfast menu, Saturday, July 4, 1891, The Bates
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Hotel Englebright Easter menu, Sunday, April 23, 1905 Partial map of Wisconsin and Illinois on back of menu, with Ripon, Wisc. highlighted as a stop on various railroad routes.

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