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Grand Hôtel National Lucerne, menu, August 22, 1887 Menu is partially handwritten; restaurant open all year
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Grand Hôtel du Quirinal, menu, January 21, 1890 Handwritten menu;
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Au revoir supper to our friend Mr. Richard G. Knowles, November 9, 1896, at Romano's... Includes wine list;
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Grand Hôtel du Quirinal menu, March 27, 1890 Handwritten menu
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The Windsor menu, December 30, 1883 Time on menu, 5:30 p.m.
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The Arlington House, lunch menu, Sunday, August 19, 1883
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Menu for the Black Watch Regimental dinner, Friday, June 3, 1898, The Monico Louis XV... Menu states, H.R.M. the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in the Chair.
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Menu for the Black Watch Regimental dinner, Friday, June 11, 1897, The Monico Louis XV... Menu states, H.R.M. the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in the Chair.
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Menu for banquet given for the members of the jury of the International Maritime Exhibition...
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Menu for the General Federation of Belgian Teachers, Antwerp Congress banquet, September 6, 1881, at...
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B. V. event, menu, Friday, November 21, 1902, at The Monico
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Claridge's Hotel, menu, December 22, 1898 Handwritten menu by Edouard Nignon, Maitre Chef de Cuisine from 1894 -1901.
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Phoenix Hotel, menu, Sunday, August 31, 1884
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The Grand Pacific Hotel, dinner menu, Monday, September 1, 1884 Time on menu, 5:30 o'clock.
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The Phoenix menu, Sunday, November 16 No year on menu.
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Christmas menu, 1884, The Northern The Northern Hotel is commonly known as "The Northern."
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Clifton House menu, July 4, 1884
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The Phoenix menu, Sunday, October 12, 1884
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Pacific House menu, Sunday, July 20, 1884
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Thanksgiving menu, 1884, National House
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New Waverly 5 o'clock dinner menu, Sunday, June 22, 1884
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Teegarden Hotel Easter menu No date on menu.
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Hacienda menu No date on menu. 7/67 and MA 4-7631 printed at bottom of menu.
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New Year's Eve 1908, menu, The Albany Illustration of "Father Time" in cloak, holding a scythe, passing a plate with bubbles to a cherub who is blowing bubbles from a pipe. "1908" and "1909" appear on two of the bubbles. Full hourglass also shown. Short poem...
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Crown Room dinner menu, Royal Nevada Hotel, circa 1958 Includes advertisement for the Cotton Club Review starring Cab Calloway.
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Lodge of Regularity, installation banquet, menu, Thursday, February 12, 1903, at Freemasons' Tavern
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Noshorium, menu Gold cord at menu spine;
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Spanish Steps, dinner menu Tassel on side of menu.
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Mrs. Romano's birthday party, menu, February 14, 1897, at Romano's restaurant Includes wine list; embossed gilt decorations;
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First anniversary of the reopening of Romano's restaurant, menu, April 30, 1896 Last page contains a monogram of the proprietor, A. Romano. Cover illustration contains a sunrise with the word "Salve."
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Noshorium, breakfast menu;
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Irish Medical School and Graduates Association Annual Festival Dinner, St. Patrick's Day menu, Tuesday, March... Chair: President Dr. P. S. Abraham;
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Plankinton House dinner menu, November 23, 1879 Illustration on front cover engraved and copyrighted by J.A. Lowell & Co. Boston, 1878, no. 36. Monogram of restaurant on back cover.
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Lincoln House, menu, Sunday, July 25, 1880 Front cover has Baker Company illustration of Lincoln House. Menu lists hours of meals. Includes disclaimer of added charges for menu variations and room service. Wine list available upon request. Back cover has illustration of a man and a house.

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