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Eighth anniversary dinner menu, November 1, 1883, New England House Illustration, no. 426 on front cover copyrighted by Robinson Eng. Co., Boston 1882. Monogram of hotel on back cover. Includes wine list.
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Savoy Hotel, dinner, May 11, 1899 Blue and gold emblem at top left. "Magnums Deutz & Geldermann, 1889" refers to a wine.
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Savoy Hotel, menu, November 28, 1898
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Menu for the fourth annual New England Banquet, December 21, 1883, Sweet's Hotel Embossed illustration colored with metallic paints on front cover. Illustration of hotel on the back cover.
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Savoy, supper menu, April 6, 1898 Handwritten menu;
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Savoy, menu, July 23, 1898 Handwritten menu.
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Savoy Hotel, lunch menu, October 29, 1898 Handwritten menu.
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Menu for the forty-ninth annual dinner of the "Field", "Queen" and "Law Times", Saturday, July...
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Wembley Golf Club dinner menu, Wednesday, March 15, 1899 Dinner Committee members listed on menu.
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Welcome home dinner to Corporal Arthur R. Jefferyes, menu, Monday, January 20, 1902, at Tivoli... Dinner given by St. Mary's Old Boys. "Kissel's restaurant" is prominently printed on the front cover. "Photo by Hughes, Strand."--cover.
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Mr. & Mrs. Henry Apfel, event, supper, menu, Tuesday, December 6, 1898, at Trocadero Restaurant
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Savoy Hotel, menu, October 26, 1897 Handwritten menu.
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Bunker Hill Day Banquet menu, The New England Society of Chicago, June 20, 1904 White ribbon at menu spine
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Amphitryon Club -- see also Cercle Amphitrion
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The Monico -- see also Café Monico
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Café Monico -- see also The Monico
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Cercle Amphitrion -- see also Amphitryon Club
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Clarence House, menu, April 3, 1886
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Savoy Hotel, menu, September 8, 1898 Embossed silver coat of arms with three fleur de lis and crown at top of menu (coat of arms of the House of Orleans).
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Savoy, dinner, May 22, 1897 Handwritten menu; "P. Aug. Masse inv. et sc." written at the bottom of the illustration.
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Savoy Hotel dinner menu, November 2, 1898 Handwritten menu.
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Savoy Restaurant menu, November 9, 1898

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