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      Interviewee Affiliation
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Reilley, Bennie Sr. Downwinder (Western Shoshone); Security guard; Protester
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Solaegui, Frank Drilling Manager, Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company (REECo)
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Flangas, William Gus Operations Division Manager & Vice President, REECo
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Dye, Ann G. Program Manager, ReeCO in support of Department of Defense, Los Alamos National Laboratory & Sandia Programs
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Costa, Charles Public Health Service (USPHS), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Test Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Cox, Norma Administrator, Atomic Energy Commission and Public Health Service
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Church, Bruce Walter Assistant Manager for Environment, Safety, Security & Health, Department of Energy
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Valdez, Navor Tito Core driller, Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company (REECo); Uranium miner; Downwinder
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Uhalde, Gracian Rancher
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