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      Interviewee Interview Date Affiliation
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Maynard, George Robert Sr. 1/26/2004 Atomic Veteran, Armed Forces Special Weapons Project
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Maynard, Theresa Dorothy (Healy) 1/26/2004 Federal Services Inc. Security Badge Office
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Yamazaki, James Nobuo 10/14/2005 Physician in Charge, Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, Nagasaki
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Miller, Lewis Gibson 9/14/2005 Engineer, Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company (REECo)
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Zawada, Jerome Alexander 8/9/2006 Franciscan Priest, Nevada Desert Experience
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Brownlee, Robert Rex 9/10/2006 Astrophysicist, Alt, Test Division Leader, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Black, Stuart C. 1/18/2005 Scientist, U.S. Public Health Service; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency REECo/Bechtel
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Drell, Sidney D. 7/20/2004 Physicist, Arms Control; Deputy Director, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
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Thomson, David Browning 4/12/2005 Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Smith, Linda (Mack) 10/6/2006 Deputy Manager Nevada Operations Office, U.S. Department of Energy; Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation
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Buer, David Alan 8/9/2006 Nevada Desert Experience Staff
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Ulmer, Philip Lyle 1/11/2005 Manager, Protective Force, Wackenhut Services, Inc.
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Agonia, Robert James 6/29/2005 Dept. of Energy Human Resources; Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation
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Titus, A. Costandina (Dina) 9/28/2004 Political Scientist; Scholar of Nuclear Testing in Nevada
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Parkhurst, Joyce Anne (Reese) 11/27/2004 Protester, Nevada Desert Experience
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Deal, Laurie Joe (L. Joe) 9/27/2005 Director, Atomic Energy Commission Civil Effects Group
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Thompson, Erik 3/4/2006 Board of Trustees, Nevada Desert Experience
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Rice, Megan Gillespie 6/22/2005 Staff member, Nevada Desert Experience: Holy Child Sister
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Diven, Benjamin Clinton 3/10/2004 Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Manhattan Project
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Aquilina, Nick C. 6/25/2004 Manager, Department of Energy Nevada Operations Office (NVOO)
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Marshall, Jay L. 4/21/2005 Atomic Veteran, Pacific Proving Ground; Curtiss Atomic Marines
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Sowder, Elmer Jesse 4/29/2004 Test Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Ogle, James 4/6/2005 Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Family member
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Furitsu, Katsumi [with Janet Gordon] 5/13/2005 Physician and international anti-nuclear activist
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Silvia, M.T. 3/31/2007 Daughter of Navy biologist
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Garwin, Richard Lawrence 7/21/2004 Physicist, IBM; Consultant, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Hecht, Jacob ("Chic") 5/11/2004 U.S. Senator
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Vitale, Louis John 5/19/2004 Franciscan Priest, Co-Founder, Nevada Desert Experience
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Wouters, Louis Francis 5/20/2004 Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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York, Herbert Frank 1/16/2004 Physicist, First director, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory; Arms control negotiator; Director, Defense Dept. Research adn Engineering
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Hopkins, John Chapman 4/11/2005 Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Test Director; J-Division Leader; Associate Director
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Allen, Philip Wymer 8/26/2004 Meteorologist-in-Charge, Weather Bureau Research Station, Nevada Test Site
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Smits, Cornelius John 7/26/2005 Director, Property Management, Dept. of Energy
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McMillan, Marie Elizabeth (Stever; Daly) 2/4/2004 Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Holmes and Narver; U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
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Silvia, Pauline Helena [with Raymond Harbert] 10/20/2005 Biologist, U.S. Navy
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Williams, Ernest Benjamin 3/26/2004 Budget and Logistics, Atomic Energy Commission, U.S. Department of Energy
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