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      Interviewee Affiliation
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Brownlee, Robert Rex Astrophysicist, Alt, Test Division Leader, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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York, Herbert Frank Physicist, First director, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory; Arms control negotiator; Director, Defense Dept. Research adn Engineering
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Stuparich, G. Nicholas, Jr. Atomic Veteran, Pacific Proving Ground; Curtiss Atomic Marines
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Hodges, James Arnold Photographic engineer, Edgerton, Germeshausen, and Grier (EG&G)
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Nelson, Robert Deputy Manager, Department of Energy Nevada Operations Office; Episcopal Priest
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Furitsu, Katsumi [with Janet Gordon] Physician and international anti-nuclear activist
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Zabarte, Ian Dominic Western Shoshone Property Owner under Treaty
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Lynch, Rosemary Franciscan Sister; Founder, Nevada Desert Experience, Pace e Bene
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Ogle, James Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Family member
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