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      Interviewee Interview Date Affiliation
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Occhiogrosso, Julia 6/17/2004 Protester, Loyal Dissenter
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Mayer, William John 7/20/2004 Electrical Engineer; Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Agnew, Harold Melvin 10/10/2005 Physicist; Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Titus, A. Costandina (Dina) 9/28/2004 Political Scientist; Scholar of Nuclear Testing in Nevada
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Claborn, Jerry Don 7/30/2004 Operation Engineer, Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company (REECo); Assemblyman, State of Nevada
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Crooks, Jeannette (Jean) M. (Mactaggart) 7/21/2004 Family member
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Welsh, Anna (Anne) 6/23/2004 Protester, Nevada Desert Experience
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Smith, Linda (Mack) 6/30/2004 Deputy Manager Nevada Operations Office, U.S. Department of Energy; Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation
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Violet, Charles E. 5/22/2004 Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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York, Herbert Frank 7/18/2004 Physicist, First director, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory; Arms control negotiator; Director, Defense Dept. Research adn Engineering
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Curran, Robert Joseph 7/19/2005 U.S. Army Staff Officer, Atomic Veteran
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Curran, Robert Joseph 7/18/2005 U.S. Army Staff Officer, Atomic Veteran
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Aquilina, Nick C. 6/25/2004 Manager, Department of Energy Nevada Operations Office (NVOO)
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Garland, Cecil C. 7/19/2006 Rancher, Anti-nuclear activist
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