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      Interviewee Affiliation
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Diven, Benjamin Clinton Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Manhattan Project
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Hopkins, John Chapman Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Test Director; J-Division Leader; Associate Director
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Yamazaki, James Nobuo Physician in Charge, Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, Nagasaki
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Diven, Benjamin Clinton Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Manhattan Project
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Guthals, Paul Project leader, Nuclear Bomb Cloud Sampling, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Friedrichs, Robert Elmer Radiation Safety, Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company (REECo); Sr. Scientific Adviser, National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)
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Brownlee, Robert Rex Astrophysicist, Alt, Test Division Leader, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Kauffman, Gay (Gertrude Anne Yoder) Editor, NTS News, Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company (REECo)
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Thompson, Erik Board of Trustees, Nevada Desert Experience
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Grier, Dorothy Jean (Whitcomb) Secretary, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory
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Sewell, Duane C. Operations Manager, Lawrence Livermore; Asst. Sec. of Energy for Defense Programs
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Campbell, Robert Test Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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McMillan, Marie Elizabeth (Stever; Daly) Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Holmes and Narver; U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
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Ristvet, Byron Leo Containment scientist, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Dept. of Defense
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Agnew, Harold Melvin Physicist; Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Maynard, George Robert Sr. Atomic Veteran, Armed Forces Special Weapons Project
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Campbell, Robert Martin, Jr. (""Doc"") Atomic Veteran, U.S. Navy
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James, Donald David Environmental Protection Specialist, Public Health Service, Environmental Protection Agency
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Wouters, Louis Francis Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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Maynard, Theresa Dorothy (Healy) Federal Services Inc. Security Badge Office
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Deal, Laurie Joe (L. Joe) Director, Atomic Energy Commission Civil Effects Group
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O'Neill, Melva Jean (Davis) Family Member; Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation
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Cox, Norma Administrator, Atomic Energy Commission and Public Health Service
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Killian, Barbara Germain Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Vitale, Louis John Franciscan Priest, Co-Founder, Nevada Desert Experience
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York, Herbert Frank Physicist, First director, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory; Arms control negotiator; Director, Defense Dept. Research adn Engineering
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Rowe, Patrick Drilling Engineer, Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company (REECo)
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Harbert, Raymond Chester Resident Engineer, Holmes and Narver; Program Manager, Plowshare
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Titus, A. Costandina (Dina) Political Scientist; Scholar of Nuclear Testing in Nevada
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Crooks, Jeannette (Jean) M. (Mactaggart) Family member
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Ogle, James Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Family member
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Flangas, William Gus Operations Division Manager & Vice President, REECo
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