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      Interviewee Affiliation
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Welsh, Anna (Anne) Protester, Nevada Desert Experience
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Lopez, Luciano Acevedo Miner, Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company (REECo)
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Violet, Charles E. Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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Diven, Benjamin Clinton Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Manhattan Project
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Aquilina, Nick C. Manager, Department of Energy Nevada Operations Office (NVOO)
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Amie, Curtis Rufus, Sr. Miner, Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company (REECo)
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Reilley, Bennie Sr. Downwinder (Western Shoshone); Security guard; Protester
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Marshall, Jay L. Atomic Veteran, Pacific Proving Ground; Curtiss Atomic Marines
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Grier, Dorothy Jean (Whitcomb) Secretary, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory
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Silvia, Pauline Helena Biologist, U.S. Navy
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Roadrunners Internationale Banquet Presentations Panel discussion of Area 51 work
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Guthals, Paul Project leader, Nuclear Bomb Cloud Sampling, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Sowder, Elmer Jesse Test Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Flangas, William Gus Operations Division Manager & Vice President, REECo
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Silvia, M.T. Daughter of Navy biologist
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Widmier, Fred Miner, Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company (REECo)
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Fraser, Dale General Manager, Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company (REECo)
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Kriesler, Leonard Medical Director, Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company (REECo)
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