Transcript of an interview with Lindell Blake by Claytee D. White on January 12, 2006


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Transcript of an interview with Lindell Blake by Claytee D. White on January 12, 2006
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White, Claytee D.
Lindell Blake is a self-taught dancer in the tradition of Sammy Davis Jr and others. He performed in Las Vegas at Sands, New York, New York, and Luxor hotels.
Lindell Blake is a self-taught dancer who has performed in several Las Vegas shows including Swing, Swing, Swing at the Sands, Madhattan at New York New York, and Midnight Fantasy at the Luxor. He is in the process of producing his own one-man show, Spoken Word, Spoken Feet. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Blake, his mother and two brothers moved to New York and settled in Queens. He personifies the city, its style and its cultural richness. He is a dancer who taps in the tradition of Sammy Davis, Jr., the Nicholas Brothers, Fred Astaire, and Savion Glover. Blake is also a teacher of dance. One of his current classes is composed of dancers in their 70s and 80s. At the time of this interview, he was 28. The secret to his artistry is practice. He believes that practice is a beautiful thing, a confidence builder. It builds discipline and determination with every repetition. But dance is more than that; it’s freedom. “There is a connection between rhythm and life. There is a connection with time and space and interpretation, all the other things that comes with dance and the tap. It's our calling. It's our mating call. It's that energy that once you hear it, you want to hear more. And it's not because of the sound it makes, but it's what it's saying, the language it's speaking.”
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January 12, 2006
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