Transcript of an interview with Hazel Geran by Claytee D. White on August 30, 2000


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Transcript of an interview with Hazel Geran by Claytee D. White on August 30, 2000
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White, Claytee D.
Hazel Geran was an employee of the Equal Opportunity Board in 1972, and was still working there at time of this interview. Her first job in Las Vegas in 1948 was as a keno writer at Cotton Club on the Westside.
In 1948, at the age of 21, Hazel Geran moved to Las Vegas to live with relatives. Hazel was Mississippi born-and-raised and had lived in Chicago for two years prior. As so many others, she came to Las Vegas in search of a better job. Hers would be as a keno writer at the Westside Cotton Club. The future included marrying Johnus Geran, a barbershop owner, with whom had five children. For years her main focus was to be a homemaker and mother. By the mid-1960s she began to forge a career in public services positions; including Head Start, Family Planning Department and more. In 1972, she began working at the EOB, Equal Opportunity Board, with the services for the senior population. This interview occurred at her EOB office. Hazel describes her perspective of living on the Westside and the businesses that thrived there in the past, and why she remained in west Las Vegas. She gives a peek into family life: Catholic schools, family outings and an insightful story regarding racism and the difficulty getting housing loan in the 1950s.
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August 30, 2000
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