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Flora Jones was born in 1953 in Delta City, Mississippi. The family moved to Hollandale, Mississippi, in 1968, and Flora finished high school there in 1971. She helped work the cotton fields and pick tomatoes before finishing school, and then got a job at a carpet factory in Greenville after graduation. One memory that she shares with us is where she was when she first heard the news of Martin Luther King's assassination. She also recounts her childhood memories of racial prejudice and the integration of schools in Hollandale. Ms. Jones attended Mississippi Valley State University for a year, got married in 1973, and moved to Chicago with her husband in 1977. Once there, she learned typing and filing through Manpower and went to work for the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund for almost three years. She and her husband parted amicably at the end of that time, and Flora moved to Las Vegas with her son in the early eighties. Once in Las Vegas, Flora lived with her sister for a short while, and at her sister's suggestion began applying for county, city, or university positions. She interviewed with Lorraine Alderman, assistant to Admissions Director Bob Stevens, and was offered a job. Her memories of the early work environment in Admissions are valuable; as are her descriptions of the campus, downtown Las Vegas, and the students she worked with. Flora gives us her opinions on many facets of UNLV today, from the new student union and recreational buildings to becoming a Research One Institution. Today she supervises the operations side of admissions and has worked with various departments on special programs. She plans to retire in three years and expects to relax by reading and playing with her grandchildren.
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