Transcript of interview with Agnes Marshall by Claytee D. White, September 12, 2011


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Transcript of interview with Agnes Marshall by Claytee D. White, September 12, 2011
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White, Claytee D.
Interview with Agnes Marshall by Claytee D. White on September 12, 2011. Marshall moved to Las Vegas in 1955, to the Berkley Square neighborhood. In 1969, Marshal was hired by Riviera and retired in 1990.
Agnes Marshall grew up on a farm in Ferriday, Louisiana she was raised by her grandparents. At the early age of 15 Agnes moved to Salt Lake City, Utah with her mother later finding herself settling in Las Vegas in 1951. Marshall first worked at White Cross Drugs washing dishes in Las Vegas. She met her husband George Marshall in 1953 while he was stationed in the service at Nellis Air Force Base. Agnes and George went on to have five children and bought a home in 1955 in the now historic district of Berkley Square in Las Vegas. Although Agnes did not frequent clubs often she does recount her experiences with the nightlife in Las Vegas during the heydays of Jackson Street, clubs such as Cotton Club and Town Tavern, and restaurants like Mom's Kitchen. Agnes worked at several dress shops, embellishing mannequins and ordering retail for the stores in the downtown area of Las Vegas. In 1969 she landed a job at the Riviera in the pantry. Working in the pantry she started out as a bus girl and then ultimately moving into the kitchen preparing various meals. She finally retired from the Riviera in 1990. Agnes still resides in the home she moved into in 1955. She is very pleased to see that her neighborhood has now become a historical district and she is proud to be leaving her legacy on the Westside.
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