Transcript of interview with Aaron Williams by Claytee D. White, August 16, 2005


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Transcript of interview with Aaron Williams by Claytee D. White, August 16, 2005
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White, Claytee D.
Aaron Williams moved to Las Vegas in 1960 and worked at the Nevada Test Site before serving as North Las Vegas councilman, County Commissioner and community activist. Williams sponsored youth baseball teams in North Las Vegas.
Aaron Williams grew up in Tatum, Texas, and spent his early adult years in Detroit, Michigan, working for the Chrysler Corporation. He joined the Army in 1940 and served in New Guinea and the Philippines, then returned to Detroit to open up a supermarket. A friend in Las Vegas urged him to come out West in 1960. Aaron found work at the Nevada Test Site as a senior clerk. He describes the discrimination he encountered and shares anecdotes about his employment, above-ground testing, and the type of work that blacks did in the tunnels. He remembers living in Tonopah when something went off in Area 51, shaking the whole area. That was when he learned that no one ever mentioned anything they saw, heard, or felt coming from that area. In early 1970's, Mr. Williams ran for and won a council seat in North Las Vegas. He was instrumental in integrating housing communities in that area and starting Little League baseball teams for the children. They played games all over Clark County and in Los Angeles. After four years as City Councilman, Aaron ran for County Commissioner. In that office, he continued his efforts to ensure equal rights in housing and other areas. He recalls that the Black Panthers watched out for his safety. As a commissioner, Mr. Williams worked with the Board of Health, the Gaming Control Board, the Airport Authority, and the Library Board. Mr. Williams recalls individuals he worked with, such as Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Gay, and the mayor of Los Angeles. He remembers the Westside Federal Credit Union, joining the NAACP, and encountering discrimination at one of the first jobs he had at the Sahara Hotel. He shares anecdotes or opinions of Robert Mahew, Steve Wynn, Lubertha Johnson, Ruby Duncan, Mabel Hoggard, and other Las Vegas notables.
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