Transcript of interview with Mozella Sheds Scott by Claytee D. White, November 30, 2010


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Transcript of interview with Mozella Sheds Scott by Claytee D. White, November 30, 2010
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White, Claytee D.
Interview with Mozella Sheds Scott conducted by Claytee D. White on November 30, 2010. Scott discusses her varied work history and career as a directory assistance telephone operator for Centel (Sprint) in Las Vegas. Observing reading deficiencies in the community, she created the Parent-In-Charge and Word-on-a-Rock programs to improve reading skills.
Mozella Sheds Scott was raised in the rural, sharecropper setting of Friars Point, Mississippi. She shares the tale of being a member of a family of cousins and siblings woven together by a caring aunt and uncle after the death of her mother. In 1965, her visit to Las Vegas began just for a summer with relatives who worked at the Nevada Test Site. Her short-lived summer job as a laundry presser did not excite her to move permanently, but she did like the idea of earning enough money to attend college. Among her jobs was that of a dishwasher in the Stardust Hotel's kitchen where she was encouraged to pursue her dreams by a supervisor named Sonny. Family illnesses pulled her away from Las Vegas for a short period of time. However, she eventually returned in the early 1970s, married and raised two children. Throughout her life, the importance of a good education has been at her core. This passion is heard in the stories she tells about raising her own children in Las Vegas and about her creation of Parent-In-Charge and Word-on-a-Rock, a program that improves reading skills. Mozella also recalls Las Vegas of the mid-1960s, when she first arrived, and racial prejudices of the times, her career at Centel (Sprint) as a directory assistance operator, and her observance of reading deficiencies within the community.
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