Transcript of interview with Paul Pradia by Claytee D. White, July 13, 2010


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Transcript of interview with Paul Pradia by Claytee D. White, July 13, 2010
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White, Claytee D.
Interview with Paul Pradia conducted by Claytee D. White on July 13, 2010. Pradia, who moved to Las Vegas in 1995, teaches golf and is a board member of 1st Tee of Southern Nevada and the Nevada Senior Games, working to promote women golfers. He remains an active member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity.
Paul Pradia grew up in a family of nineteen children in the small rural town of Cameron, Louisiana. He starts his story here recalling the year he entered high school: 1953. It was a world that endured disastrous hurricanes over the years. As a teen, his first job was at a local fish factory where employees earned ninety cents an hour. Dissatisfied with wages, an emboldened Paul asked the owner for a ten cent raise to avoid a workers strike. Throughout this narrative, he shares how this characteristic served him well. In 1957, upon graduation, Paul enrolled at Southern University in Baton Rouge with enough money to sustain himself for about a month. With the help of the Elk Lodge he was able to complete his education at Southern University. This is where he met the love of his life, Theresa, with whom he has three children. Paul also joined ROTC and became a commissioned officer in the airborne division of the US Army. His military experiences opened him to a world of opportunities outside rural Louisiana and a world where he learned to deal with racism unlike that of the South. With the military and then with civilian government jobs, he moved his family to cities like Seattle and Spokane, Washington, and Salt Lake City, Utah. While working with HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development), Paul picked up his first golf club. Soon he excelled at the sport and eventually he became a teaching professional. At the time of this interview, Paul has played golf in "all fifty states, nineteen countries on three different continents and over 650 different golf courses." He is active in programs and organizations that promote golf for female players and people of all ages in the Las Vegas community. He moved to Las Vegas in 1995.
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